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The trade in wild animals

Alex is just one animal A white tiger who be Stuck in Ukraine sadly Pining constantly He born in captivity For the exotic trade In wild life Which is common On so many hearts Now laid It all began 4000 … Continue reading

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We have a crossing Named after us But do you hear us Making a fuss Not a word Like mice we be Come to africa If you want to see ME

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Death the final insult A lack of rain Thus drought Draws down all the emotions There isn’t any doubt A glorious zebra lying Motionless is she A picture of such sadness And a tragedy

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Respect the Zebra’s

Africa think carefully The Zebra And theres three The one I speak of here today Is the true Grevy Named after the President Long ago from France By a man called Ostalot Who clearly took the chance To love and … Continue reading

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To all you rotten sods who wear fur or skins

Wearing the skin Of another being What does that make me Am I all seeing Am I a monster Seemingly so Why do you do this When clearly you know A rabbit or a bunny A fox and or a … Continue reading

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Baby Zebra

British trophy hunters The scum of the earth Murdering mother zebras And their babies just after birth Imagine that can anyone The grief the pain the woe Monsters clad in camouflage Who slaughter as they go They Have to pull … Continue reading

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The great migration

Fresh water and green grass To taste the verdure of the day Its what commands respect in Wilderbeest Whose real dismay The herds emaciated from the numbers Starving where The need and thrust Is to travel through the African dust … Continue reading

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Zebra trophies and children

Its a business Its about business Its a corporate entity Every facet covered For profitability The stock though its all living Alive somewhere, they Fence it up and deck it out And get you all to pay If you want … Continue reading

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