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Time is a great leveller

Eternity thats a very long time Apparently so the length of this rhyme And beyond through our lifetimes Possibly so But Chernobyl was terror Which most of us know CHernobyl and Prepiat And the villages too Some 400,000 evacuees true … Continue reading


Creation its causation Its motivation for The miracle of yes the wolf Not a moment more Should be devoted to a reason To murder and to maim A true italian hero The wild wolf yes by name There are many … Continue reading


How can living creatures Be subjected to Unfounded and groundless reasoning As wolves now seem to do One breath says they ought to be All Blown up with dynamite When they are an integral part of nature And their place … Continue reading

Yellowstone The wolves

The summer sun was hotter still And some sprinklers had been left on To dampen down the pasture So not all the grass had gone Which attracted the ground squirrels To delay their hibernation To get about and eat the … Continue reading

The wolf man

First you learn their language Then you learn to be Really understanding Living in the free Remember a wolf is in the flow Lucid living in the now Aware that they do know There is a hierarchy A kind of … Continue reading

Radioactive wolves

Left to their own devices The wolves of Chernobyl Nuclear power spiked every hour And packs of wolves there still Despite the contamination They are breeding well and seem To be pleased they see no hunters And the forest seems … Continue reading


Animals whatever have a right to life It seems to me the wolf and others But the wolf has seen such strife Persecuted vehemently Ruthlessly lets say Has been subject to such ignorance All along the way Overwhelmed by arrogance … Continue reading

31 years

Perpetuity apparent And the realization that we Made decisions long ago That may halt eternity Arteries of agony Chromosomes of care Ancestry deep rooted And ingrained now everywhere Life force deemed suspended Unrelated so to say The need was to … Continue reading


The miracle of life Is granted on a higher level Than mankind and his foibles Can ever contemplate Each animal that manifests A joyful course of giving Is giving back a great deal more Than a novelist might state The … Continue reading

A wolf and a boy

A wolf A boy The innocence of childhood No preconception there Injustice never entered The narrow minded stare There is no unintelligence Discretion is the tool Appreciativeand measured The discovery of all Persauded by ones destiny To befriend wild souls … Continue reading