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Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading

Wolf killers

A lack of understanding Of Nature and its balances Dissension on the part Of wicked soulless people who Call themselves brave hunters Non conformist rotters Ignorant and arrogant Who just do what slobs do Its all about the ammo The … Continue reading

Wilderness Warriors

Wilderness God made Each part of it, he Created the balance The plant and the tree The lakes and the deserts And animals too The heavenly balance An whats coming through Habitats lost The great pioneers They brought in their … Continue reading

Wolf and Bear Killers

Copenhagen zoo Has no respect at all it runs out of some space And kill three wolves And a bear they face Their scruples and their heart felt strings That clearly stretch a way Murdering these animals Who just are … Continue reading

Montana and its menfolk

Lack of respect for the wild ones Irreverence for sure Leaving contraptions around the place Surprise tactics for sure Torturing suffering bleeding Disdainful in so many ways What they do in Montana Honestly it plays Into their lack of principle … Continue reading


Idaho I dont know Infanticide A right For so called hunters To murder little cubs Out in the light There is Something really rotten About the kind of guys That shoot up little babies And do not realise What is … Continue reading

Wolf’s Bane (aconium napellus)

Dumbledores delight Thor’s Hat and Cupid’s ear A gender that Is feminine The planet Saturn’s near Element is water And Hecate she be Protecting and reality Invisibility When added to sachets guarding solidly Against the dreaded werewolves That happen for … Continue reading

No love of the trapper man

Outdoorsman call them what you will In the U S they Believe they have refined techniques To blow the wolves away They know they are highly intelligent Much more so than a dog They are quick to figure out the … Continue reading

Beloved grey wolves

The beloved grey wolves Have won their reprieve Colorado has missed them Can we believe That is the sentiment They are the ones Chosen to be there Daughter and sons Gods creature great ruler Environmentally They tailor the wilds With … Continue reading

The arrogance of officials will be the death of us all

Wedge lack Leadpoint 0ack East Washington It’s up to those cattle men To fence their animals Shooting the wolves Is as stupid as hell They are the life force In the great wilderness Cattle will be killed We all know … Continue reading

A nurse who is a hunter

A nurse is supposed to be into true healing A carer saving life It seems to me But This bitch one Kate Small Is no such thing at all Seemingly a sick dichotomy She calls herself, an ethical Back country … Continue reading

Hunter of wolves

A hunter with his bloodied kill and Nis daughter in his lap A photo for the album Dressed up to kill this sap This obstacle to knowledge Half baked and out of touch Unscholarly and backward Who does not conjure … Continue reading

There areTwo wolf packs now grieving

It’s frighteningly obvious For Pacts of wolves where ever They be in trumps America Left these days I have to say The MEAT TRADE has the where for all And everybody has to pay Wild life should be number one … Continue reading

Wild predation and the farmer

Trying to make a point By being totally insane By murdering a wild grey wolf And hanging it again On road signs It’s been happening for years Around these parts The farmers lose their animals and prove they have no … Continue reading

The Donkey and the Wolf

A wolf captured in Patok A mountainous terrain Was brought into a farm And put in a cage Which was a strain On the wolf’s abilities And Although the farmer fed Food to the wolf thereafter He wasted it which … Continue reading

Xin yue Zhou and her wolves

A guiltlessness An inoffensiveness A state of Grace An odour of pure sanctity Integrity in place Truly understanding The spirit of the wild Canis lupus lupus Almost as a child The distinction of an elder An admirable display Solemnity and … Continue reading

The wolf and his journey

Amber eyes Of the wondrous wise And realise Their worth Attested and well grounded A Prince on Mother Earth An Apex predator Able to endure Palpable and weighty With a heart thats good and pure Often sadly slaughtered By the … Continue reading

Symbiotic relationships

Life in the highlands Feasting on grasses Gelada Baboons In their packs Are alive To the sounds of the hills To the music of many predatory conflicts Survive The rare Ethiopian Wolves For example Work with baboons to settle their … Continue reading

The murder house in Alberta

A spitefulness beyond the heart Ill-disposed and from the start Disloyal to every wild soul who Ever walked the forest through The unforgiving gloating male Behind his gun his laurels sail His courage lifts his manhood to A space beyond … Continue reading

Wolf torturer

That look of fear That icy stare Run down by a Russian Hunter there He sits taunting Thie victim who is under the snowmobile In view Clearly feeling the wounded state All the vehicle all the weight Bearing down on … Continue reading

Montana sees sense

There is tumult and ferment In those hills I have to say The cowards are out there Laying traps And catching wolves who prey On Elk and Deer for sustenance Feral enchantment comes From frontiers so created From the beating … Continue reading

The encounter

Two families Are present The musk ox The wolves A flat arena Clanship and more An arc of bodies Protecting the calves The pack everyone of them Feisty and raring Interdependent like never before A world of difference Adverseness and … Continue reading

The Alaska Story a true story

A forest of Spruce and Hemlock Lay behind me Break up on its way through The snow gray Hard packed with the sun About emerging And there in front of me A wolf did lay In one of George’s traps … Continue reading

Norway’ s arrogance

There was once established wolf zones But the government of the day Decides that hunters have the right To kill them anyway Such arrogance is unfounded They are unable to see 6 wolf packs in the area That supposedly should … Continue reading

Wolves and coyotes

Wild wyoming Get the snowmobile Chase down the wild ones you have the right To torment to torture And ofcourse yes to pursue Wolves and coyotes chase them crazy Till they fall just run them down In cold blood then … Continue reading

My inspiration

Like sharks the wolves have suffered Long and hard from humans who Have ignorantly labelled them killers Its what the arrogant do Yes apex predation but god like ceremony They manage the ecosystem And do it beautifully Farley Mowatt in … Continue reading

Wolf and women

Before us we see an image Of A women and a wolf One is in their integrity The other isn’t sure She may look the part to most Of you But in reality for me I would say that she’s … Continue reading


to the fictional shadows Where wisdom and need Where the anticipation Of predators feed The great forboding The prophetic eye That looks down on each night From its place in the sky The great flow of energy The oracle who … Continue reading

Lost boy

Pillows of cloud In an azure blue sky White arctic wolves Their mission to ply Living in starkness A wilderness where Instincts play heavily To everyone there Subsistence is difficult Out in the wild Enduring the hardships Caring for each … Continue reading


True to themselves True to their soul Instinctive behaviour They know their role Conjuring spirit Their Magical way Cogs on the wheel of life Born of the day The wilderness wild ones Freely they roam They eerily howl Clearly their … Continue reading