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Turkeys and Yule

2020 apparently sees Turkey Into stress In Lubartowski Eastern Poland There is something of a mess Three farms at least are suffering Some 40,000 birds All who escaped Christmas Won’t like to hear these words H5N8 Avian Flu That hits … Continue reading

GRAVEL FARM gloucestershire

Everybody wakes up When it’s proven what is going on Red tractor and Avara foods And Sainsbury’s too When they See the report from VIVA’s undercover cameras What the hell is happening In this shit hole every day They never … Continue reading


Imagine it its an hour or two yea infact beyond Noon that is on Christmas Day Where everyone is fond Of eating a roasted bird That wanted to live , but we Decided it was time to leave this mortal … Continue reading


Free range and battery Thats who we are Wild as the wind Or penned up real far From the nearest farmyard Over the hill Down by the lake Its there where they kill The turkeys the geese the chickens The … Continue reading

A turkey portrait

A living artists palette Indigo azure Your coat of many colours Sapphire with a pure Gentian cardinal damask Ashen dapple grey The colours only GAIA ever Could infact display Cinnabar and madder A blush a flush a glow Stripes of … Continue reading

Few see us

Crated up Like so much rubbish Thats our lot alas We are turkeys Bound for slaughter All of us enmasse Nobody seems to love us Nobody seems to care People want to eat us Humans are not aware A few … Continue reading

Tom and tina a love story for yule

Tom had managed to get away 3 days ago which did put pay To his ideas really that his lady friend And him were going to try and spend A week or so of freedom together From the farmyard lockup … Continue reading

Lily dale turkeys

Sofina foods in Canada Lily dale turkey where Hundreds of bloody great turkeys End up in some despair Ripped out of trucks and shackled upside down they go Through the electrified water But many never know And they are not … Continue reading


Baby turkeys Living, breathing Specimens of life Ground up Mangled and sadly tangled In the corporates wretched strife Little hearts And tiny beaks Little eyes And little wings They are aware of the inhuman rumble That death And destruction brings … Continue reading

The solstice animals

The indigenous peoples Have always known And respected the souls That they have sown In the earth to enrich their soil To create new life And enrich the oil Their toil accepted Their flesh devoured Their skins became Clothes that … Continue reading