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Hog weed moss rose verolaga Other names for the Purslane It hugs the ground Thats what I have found And likes the heat Again Its element is water And its Feminine ruled by the moon Love and luck and happiness … Continue reading

Broadway Caerleon Stones

Deleterious and corrosive Are rhe vandAls that we see Desecrating medieval monuments That be Fashioned some two thousand years Ago and were buried by Tons and tons of earth And now they feel the sky Above them giving them New … Continue reading

Beltaine at the rollrights

Theres a great thrash of cloud Its pink and its blue A stillness apparent I be clueless too A true celebration Of freshness ahead The bunting the streamers Have gone to my head Clad in our multitude Robed up and … Continue reading

an investigation into the Secret lives of MOLES

“loves labour lost” The wayward mole A solitary soul A subterranean warrior Who really owns his role A tunneller supremo In the nether regions he Its the sesamoid bone That works his wrist So very significantly Assists his digging prowess … Continue reading

Columbine (aquilegia)

Its been around since time Began Indigenous they say It used to be called The culfrewort or pigeon plant its way appears to me Enjoying of the ancient climes Steeped in mystery Its kind of in abundance In my garden … Continue reading

Scotland the Naive

The mountain hare Is so aware Lives high Where their heads Touch the sky The fairy folk In the dew soak They are magickal And hear the call Benevolent Such charity Their responsiveness In parity With the mountain climes With … Continue reading

Gorse (furze)

The open country now displaying Sunshine yellow everywhere Brimstone sulphur Lemon honey It’s bold sprays ofcourse we share Fertility is ripe with reason Every month of every year Likes to grow alone And thorny An invasive legume that is clear … Continue reading

Staff of Dawn

Apple wood From Neolithic ideas long ago Forms the cup to hold the smoky Quartz That you love so Silicon dioxide Life giving cycles do From ancient granite deposits Irradiation true HEKATE the Thracian goddess Of wisdom and the dark … Continue reading

No greater love story

Betulaceau a family tree A lover for life Extraordinary Admiration for one so bold A prodigy on it I am sold Enigmatic a surprising tree Who loves the fen lands And there they be Feet in the water Peat saturated … Continue reading

A poem for a twitter friend from Avalon

The woods have many varied splendours Hiding in the shadows where Foxes and badgers voles and shrews And even the illusive Hare Whose magick is all supposing Bestower of such light Whose ebulliance and affection Can be observed at night … Continue reading