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The laying of the labyrinth

Streams of consciousness Prevailing. meandering skywards. Even sailing Reticulation An obliqueness Waviness and undulation The kingsmen gathered A ring of armour Turned to stone For everymore Comptons witch what did she utter Know one knows know one is sure Cotsworld … Continue reading


May the Beltaine month When birds when trees and flowers Come into their own And show the results of the many hours Spent growing Out of the compost And dancing with the light Each revelation clearly Of significance so bright … Continue reading


The clang of the gate And the dusty old way Through the gleam of the trees And their spangled display Atop of the hill looking Across to the sky Over Chipping Norton Where the bright fire and eye Stare back … Continue reading

Romany Rose I do suppose

In anticipation I came to this pool Where providence wakens and I hear its call Tranquillity surfaces insight and grace Its imagery working all over the place In my wildest dreams I put on my dress Walk through the forest … Continue reading


The eggs were all found In the places where they Had been hidden this morning Secreted away The chickens got wind of it A pastime may be On non fertilization Where creation won’t be The children looked happy They had … Continue reading

To Rosemary

Click on the photo And see the true glory Of my protective Rosemary And her evergreen story Flowering, each frond A meaningful drift Her essence her spirit A literal lift To the senses Configured her fanciful stance Her rhapsodic image … Continue reading

Open circle rituals

A quiet country lane Some parked cars A parable in terms Historical and Natural The vista seen confirms The standing stones soldiers of old Moles working over time Historicity eternal Through the clods and sods they climb Bounded by some … Continue reading

Its trying to snow again

With the daffodile pushing Up through the cold sod A dusting of snow flutters down Which feels odd Spring’s clearly sprung Yet Winter appears To cling on to its spot With its ensuing fears Thistledown light forms Blown here and … Continue reading

Looking out at my garden and thinking of the equinox

No vivid colours to speak of The hedge and the copse of a hue Recently snow from the heavens Had fallen and it had frozen the dew Ravens and long tailed tits already nesting Caught out by the season too … Continue reading

Vernal equinox

Light and thrust and energy Vigour life and intensity Vim and zip And dynamics there And an undertaking and a need To share A month before the ice and the snow Worked to freeze The sod below But now the … Continue reading