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Autumnal ritual 27/11

27/11/2018 at Rollright Stones Oxfordshire Autumnal sprinklings Sparkling spangles Soulfully display A period of solemnity In their scintillating way The light gives course to pigment And a kaleidescopic hue Many leaves have fallen Their Transformation now onto The waiting earth … Continue reading

Samhain at Rollrights 4/11

The scene was set A roaring fire A thinning veil There to inspire A goodly few Ancestrally Robed up and masked And wanting to be The stones looked resplendent In the afternoon light Lichened and purposeful And just feeling right … Continue reading


Personal power of thought and mind And a loyalty thats underlined A passionate observer she With moral sensibility The sunshine coast Where paradise fits nicely And each roll of dice Displays the sky and ocean wide And within that light … Continue reading


Frosty circumstances And sylph like avenues Droplets of pure heaven Samhain collects its dues From the spirited ancestral path At the thinning of the veil The great big door flops open And so begins our tale Eternal darkness lost in … Continue reading

Stonehenge a tunnel

Contrast what exists To what it will become A short excavation a tunnel That some Might see as essential But tragically They Have no eyes to feel Nor a heart to display A world heritage site Monuments galore Neolithic persuasion … Continue reading


The trees are lost in shadow Moon in Libra tends to be Ready to create order Through diplomacy Relationships and partnerships Favoured it be said With beauty and creativity All coming to a head The East Is where we congregate … Continue reading

Eye to eye

There was a time When i would walk Through ashridge and might sit Down beside a fallen tree And think, just think a bit Quietly be reflecting Hopeful I might see A deer or perhaps a muncjac Who might come … Continue reading

JAn Vlonk’s special OAK

Endurance and steadfastness Comes with this tree An oak whose deep roots Bring it longevity It Is hungry for light And for wind pollination The oak milk cap fungi Provides some salvation Nitrogen and phosphorous Clearly on tap And heavy … Continue reading


I call the birch the poppy tree Disturb ground and it arrives its like a new beginning And from such thoughts survives As The phantom of the forest Its soulful silvery gaze Under a moon of yellow Its countenance does … Continue reading

Aesculus Hippocastanum and the Barn owl

The flower symbol of Kiev The capital of Ukraine KIER A developer With quite a lot to gain Four beautiful flowering Conker trees Offering bounteous shade Growing in a rich green veld Where wildness had been laid A thing of … Continue reading