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On a hill Looking over a patchwork of fields Down into Chipping A sky scape that builds Onto tales of the past Sweeping all who dare look and take on the myths From my little white book The sum and … Continue reading

Threatened damage to a Neolithic site

Traffic flow through Chipping Norton HGV’s and air quality It’s been suggested a neolithic site Nearby substantially Should see the road Running north north west widened which ‘tis said Is a Way of improving Air quality And apparently has led … Continue reading

Thoughts waylaid by the great highwayman

Distractions lead to actions Purposefully applied Behold the kalergi principles That surely are denied By The EU it’s domineering Bureaucratic stance Deleting sovereign nations With nothing left to chance Behold the controlling treaties stitch ups all the way Vast WiFi … Continue reading

Losing the skills of venery

He who was skilled in the Ways of the beast All his waking hours Readily pieced together The ways of each wild forest Soul Who in Winter came forth In his unreserved role A hunter a venerer Keeper of game … Continue reading

Blick Mead

A world of perfect synergy When time advents to soul When wildness stood majestic And where Each life form took it’s role Predator and prey create A balance to pursuit Trees were they an origin A megalithic root All sharing … Continue reading

ALban Elfed

The light of the water Splash and tumble Out of grey skies thermal Skin The second harvest’s True abundance The wheel of life Ofcourse did spin Equal days and nights upon us Feast of gathering Earthly fruits Reap and heap … Continue reading


In the Uttarakhand state of India Thirty feet wide and six feet deep A high altitude glacial lake exists At the bottom of mountains steep In 1942 a British Forest Guard Stumbled on the lake and took a look The … Continue reading

The PENDLE witches

The more I think and the more I read The gullibility of the people The superstition and the true naivete The witches some were very old Living in the forest, they Clearly had their unique selling points But had to … Continue reading

The Arctic Henge

Its happening at this moment In Iceland far away A huge sun dial to Stone Henge Already a display Of basalt columns growing Near Husavik we hear At RAUFARHOFN in the far North Clearly held most dear The arctic circle … Continue reading

Pompei revisted

Archeology calls for application Unflagging efforts needed every day Working on the sites the teams Show patience Slowly brushing dust and crud Away Pompei site of the very big eruption Back in 79AD When Vesuvius erupted and in minutes The … Continue reading