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Vine and ivy and the Autumn Equinox

The time be right for grapes and vine Equal day and night A sign Of prophecy and of truthfulness Of intoxication More or less Bacchus he a deity God of the grape and of the tree The great green man … Continue reading

My inspiration

Like sharks the wolves have suffered Long and hard from humans who Have ignorantly labelled them killers Its what the arrogant do Yes apex predation but god like ceremony They manage the ecosystem And do it beautifully Farley Mowatt in … Continue reading

Autumn Equinox

Glorious Fruition You can feel it in your soul Everything is glowing The final harvests role Gifts from all that labour Shared by everyone All of us the mouse the squirrel And the autumn sun And equal day and an … Continue reading

A certain weirdness

It curdles milk When making cheese A spell gone wrong Which could displease The sanely soul Whose fourth stomach Lining Supplements One’s finer dining The matriarchal destiny Kidnapping counts It seems to me An ungodliness A slippery slope For all … Continue reading

Stonehenge builders

5000 years ago Beavering away Were supposedly men and women From West Wales So they say We know the sarson stones Came from around these parts And were Used to give great drama which some may now concur Those souls … Continue reading


In many ways so many have reached an impasse Ancestors became the forgotten past What is seen as corporatocracy That has no reciprocity That really is in conflict An aghast We stand together some now at the crossroads Disharmony and … Continue reading


Half way between the summer solstice And the Autumn equinox The sun and moon together In the sky This is a magickal time folks The, annual wheat harvest Loaf mass and ofcourse we must ask why The first loaf made … Continue reading

Otherworld prophecies 57 and 58

Iceland dips into the Occult, I am thinking She makes her decision To hunt the great whale Those now endangered fin And the hybrid The blue and the minke Comes the following tale Its surfacing out there Such beautiful creatures … Continue reading


The flying brain with the new age eye A drone of sorts That looks from high Anthony Murphy apparently Helped by his drone Helped him to see The current heat wave And lack of rain Allowed a form to peer … Continue reading


It stands there In all its glory Is that the word to use 7000 oil drums Are there any clues To why its there Christo and Jean Claude Those two apparently Created this piece of art For all of us … Continue reading