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Mass healing HUM

Mass healing hum Sends healing all around the world A face book page Comes from the heart With souls being unfurled And shared in a group humming session A healthy energy Which brings the voice to splendour And helps us … Continue reading

Healing and humming

The lungs are amazing bellows The voice box formidably The heart and mind of believers Contrive to deliberately Create a throaty symphony A hum That becomes profound Of perfect resolution A truly lasting sound The hushed the calm the peaceful … Continue reading

The global hum

The Humming bird The noble Bee It’s tiny wings beat fabulously Creating a true upward draught Over water a tiny raft Of energy that enthuses flight Those tiny wings are out of sight But magically the hum becomes The drum … Continue reading

The Birch

Birch the silver shadowy soulful Sentinel survivor A scout that surfaces sooner Than most trees let me say It can face up to wintry wildness Being wholly versatile It grows all over the temperate zone And has done so for … Continue reading


Today I went for a short drive Startled then was I To that state of expectation To that flash of gold Close by And a dose of contemplation a foretaste So to be Three more snowfalls before The Winter ends … Continue reading

The Toones

The Toones I loved to hear and see A couple of Druids wild and free Dedicated and pure of thoughts A phenomenal couple and brilliant sports Easy to love easy to know When they decided to up and go I … Continue reading

The Celtic ALDER experience

18th March Celtic Tree Month ELDER Begins Although the look completely different The birch and Alder they Are based around their flowering structures The BETULACEAE Female and male flowers in the same Tree 1 cm long 6 cm male Shedding … Continue reading

Spring equinox

This years equinox the earliest SPRING For many years The last time it was this early Was 1896 Equal days and equal nights A celestial fix The sun has got his hat on And he came out today The Alder … Continue reading

Druid riders in the sky

The Druid king and biker Famous for his style His leathers and his Harley Was winning by a mile He had a go at riding A rather feisty mare He didn’t have a saddle Deciding to go bare Security at … Continue reading


The first rose’s Primal beauty Defying the dark wood With peeping creeping blossoms Some might think Misunderstood An energy that’s feminine Venus and the Earth Rock solid and iconic Of extraordinary worth. Large patches often indicate A portal where the … Continue reading