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Avebury thats in Wiltshire

Avebury rose in my estimation To hanker in my soul A metaphysical realization Of existence as a role With little mechanization But for the power of man Great obelisks stand silent Long centuries they span Enduring the eyes of many … Continue reading


Beltaine is upon us The arctic wind is too We have had all the spring bulbs out Rising with the dew We saw the many dandelions Advance and go to seed And now we see the bluebell gangs And hear … Continue reading


Forsythia’s blaze of yellow Is heralded at Spring Ostara draws emotions And to our eyes does bring Great anticipation A beautiful embrace The olive families treasure Brimstone at a pace Named after William Forsyth A Scottish Botanist A deciduous shrub … Continue reading

Eostra at the Trinity and a gift of Gaia

Trinity A corner Of Harrow Afternoon We had actually found the place So that was opportune First impressions Old A private bar and a big TV Upstairs to another bar A private place where we Met Mary, and some of … Continue reading

EOSTRA in HARROW with Mary and Friends and the beloved Milk Witch or Dandelion

OEstra brings its welcome to the sanity of all The influence of light and sun Gives passion to the call Prides of golden Dandelions roar knowingly for they Are proving that the fear around And the dangers now at play … Continue reading

Slaves and captors

Short termism injustice misguided All along SEA WORLD and the other corporations All are wrong Their concern is profit And the balance sheet thats all Compassion and an empathy for life Its not their achool Of thought they are unseeing … Continue reading


A meandering oath of intricacy Shifting and lifting snd drifting To be Such a life force composed As a song Rollrights enblazoned the stones all along With back bent broadcasting The seed’s winding way A quiet affirmation A teaching some … Continue reading


Short lived infact in the philosophy Of existence one might say Undeniably its beautiful In a truly peaceful way An individuality loving the water so In essence its long sweeping branches Where cool waters flow The sort of constitution A … Continue reading

ALDER The tree of the now

Creation presents its realization Its sum and its substance Its perpetual relation History really the bedrock of soul The fundamentals that gave each their role The essential nature The enduring tree The forest the grove Where I to be In … Continue reading

The henge and the rainbow

A crescent of colours Sunbeams and rain A great shimmering spangle It happened again The inner child wakens So whats that about The gold thats on offer Without any doubt Its obvious really The henge is alight A tonal intensity … Continue reading