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Its trying to snow again

With the daffodile pushing Up through the cold sod A dusting of snow flutters down Which feels odd Spring’s clearly sprung Yet Winter appears To cling on to its spot With its ensuing fears Thistledown light forms Blown here and … Continue reading

Looking out at my garden and thinking of the equinox

No vivid colours to speak of The hedge and the copse of a hue Recently snow from the heavens Had fallen and it had frozen the dew Ravens and long tailed tits already nesting Caught out by the season too … Continue reading

Vernal equinox

Light and thrust and energy Vigour life and intensity Vim and zip And dynamics there And an undertaking and a need To share A month before the ice and the snow Worked to freeze The sod below But now the … Continue reading

A witches curse

A curse upon a licentious sod Who clearly did her wrong To one sweet witch who spread her curse And felt it should belong Unrestrained and promiscuous Showing disregard For her and her heartfelt tendencies So when he got his … Continue reading

Beith / Birch

Silvery pearly frosted skin parchment like A world within Perhaps the carolings of birds written in so many words Within the groves of monochrome The dappled leaves of every tone Of gold and silver drenched in light Make for a … Continue reading


Consciousness awakening The blameless of the blame The artfulness and playfulness Of the snowdrops little game That push out through the frozen sod And up towards the sky Taking on the wind chill And its icy curdling cry Sends its … Continue reading


More light doth shine and we feel whole Again and in the stable where Ewes give milk to hungry young Filled with a sense of being there Brigid brings her fire to bear The stove the hearth the cauldon where … Continue reading

Magickal snowflakes

A nip in the air A feeling so rare The teeth start to chatter Goose bumps everywhere Arctic conditions A snowstorm of white Snowflakes that whisper Each having a bite Whose hypothermic Each man of snow With carrots for eyes … Continue reading

NInkasi the ale wives and the goddesses

The spontaneous the unbidden So minded for to brew With the patience and discretion In what they really do The predetermination And whimsicality The indispensability The superior force we see Such enthusiasm clearly And dedication too Unprompted with initiative To … Continue reading

Yuletide spices

Ginger cloves and cinnamon All fiery sun blessed they Bring passion to our magick And clarity a way Ginger really adds its power Its good On frosty days Added to warm drinks by the fire It is worthy of praise … Continue reading