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Goddess Ballachulish

Undeniable there she lay 2000 years Essentially Her eyes were face downwards, she Her quartzite eyes perpetually Searching through the peaty realms Where Oblivion just overwhelms The spirit cancels out the light Intrinsically forced to bite Down on spagnum moss … Continue reading

Snowshill Manor

Snowhill Manor A 16th century country house Where once we know A certain architect was living A poet too Who loved the flow Of words and phrases Of alliteration And quietly he loved The old crafte Alchemy and magic thrilled … Continue reading

The caves of fae

Through enchanted caves Eeked out of loam the industrious moles The grotto’s work Laboriously Bewitched they cast In telepathic channels lurk Under the kings men Standing stones Otherwordly ancient bones Charmed I am sure By the worms that crawl Through … Continue reading

The whispering knights

Sat on a scarp of the cotswold hills To the north the stour valley To the south be the Swere Close to the witches of Long Compton fame The whispering knights can be heard so I hear Oolithic limestone on … Continue reading

Poulnabrone Dolmen and the Burren

It looks more like a moonscape Bleak and apparently Lifeless on the surface But below the surface we See clints and grykes Accumulating earth Where fissures be And on these slab like flats Sheltered areas we see The magic of … Continue reading

Wayland Smithy

Near the Uffington white horse And castle Close to the Ridgeway We see A neolithic long barrow And Chamber tomb Wayland Smithy It is a place that’s so special With timber and stone chambered Walls Dating from 3590 BC And … Continue reading

Just back from the Henge

26000 eyes took in The sun the trails the sky Peering searching feeling The great ancestral sigh Shadowy illuminations Halo’s of the truest gold The longest day The stones the dolmens In the path of solar rolled 13000 hearts beat … Continue reading


First daughter of GEB Who was God of the Earth Her mother NUT goddess Of sky A polytheistic pantheon Of Egypt She most high Health marriage and wisdom Her attributes its been said A friend of slaves and sinners And … Continue reading


A serenity evolves around A soul who seeks to be Taking on the sunset Of the night sky and the sea Bathed in utter privilege In all these colours too Each subtle immersion Draws such harmony right through To be … Continue reading


Who be the god of poetry? NOrse Mythology long ago In a cave where stalactites Hung in such glory and all aglow The son of ODIN and gunlods His eloquence was fine He played a golden harp And sang and … Continue reading