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Just back from the Henge

26000 eyes took in The sun the trails the sky Peering searching feeling The great ancestral sigh Shadowy illuminations Halo’s of the truest gold The longest day The stones the dolmens In the path of solar rolled 13000 hearts beat … Continue reading


First daughter of GEB Who was God of the Earth Her mother NUT goddess Of sky A polytheistic pantheon Of Egypt She most high Health marriage and wisdom Her attributes its been said A friend of slaves and sinners And … Continue reading


A serenity evolves around A soul who seeks to be Taking on the sunset Of the night sky and the sea Bathed in utter privilege In all these colours too Each subtle immersion Draws such harmony right through To be … Continue reading


Who be the god of poetry? NOrse Mythology long ago In a cave where stalactites Hung in such glory and all aglow The son of ODIN and gunlods His eloquence was fine He played a golden harp And sang and … Continue reading

Summer Solstice

We see light in all its glory With the sun and all its power Boundless for creation Hotter by the hour The earth is warm and comforting The sky is brightly blue As the sun now enters cancer With the … Continue reading

In and around the rollright stones

The skyscape is hard not to look at today The rich colouration is there on this May Morning, its Sunday There’s a ritual today For Beltaine and I am here Early to pay My respect to the mother And her … Continue reading

Beltaine Ritual

A beautiful blue sky presented itself And Rollrights was resplendent in green All was ablaze with the light of Beltaine The dandelion phantoms had been Once glorious carpets of golden But now just were pillows of puff buttercups golden and … Continue reading


You must have seen the bright one The hawthorn blossom may Ushering in the light beams The portals of display The copper beech resplendent With its salad tasting leaves Some celtic salt and a dash of oil What rustic bread … Continue reading

More on beltaine

The Lilacs are all a flourish As are the chestnuts, they With their candle blossoms Are welcoming each day The copper beech At last its leaves Have exciting colour That achieves A rhapsody for wintry eyes. Still laden down with … Continue reading

Beltaine 7/5

LIght the bale fires Watch them burning Dance the maypole We keep turning Weave those ribbons Are we yearning Hearts as one The seat of learning Spring fertility We can feel it SUmmers ability Where does it sit Its a … Continue reading