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In the Uttarakhand state of India Thirty feet wide and six feet deep A high altitude glacial lake exists At the bottom of mountains steep In 1942 a British Forest Guard Stumbled on the lake and took a look The … Continue reading

The PENDLE witches

The more I think and the more I read The gullibility of the people The superstition and the true naivete The witches some were very old Living in the forest, they Clearly had their unique selling points But had to … Continue reading

The Arctic Henge

Its happening at this moment In Iceland far away A huge sun dial to Stone Henge Already a display Of basalt columns growing Near Husavik we hear At RAUFARHOFN in the far North Clearly held most dear The arctic circle … Continue reading

Pompei revisted

Archeology calls for application Unflagging efforts needed every day Working on the sites the teams Show patience Slowly brushing dust and crud Away Pompei site of the very big eruption Back in 79AD When Vesuvius erupted and in minutes The … Continue reading


England proud and ancient MY country which still is Riding high though rocky It’s lost some of its fizz The EU unelected have Lessened it’s fortunes But referenda taken It’s all there in the runes Our history is a long … Continue reading

Rudston Monolith

The devil supposed to have Just left it there A 40 ton gritstone From Clayton aware Somehow it got to Rudston and we think Glacial erratic Yes Possibly A Norman church erected after The standing stone Biggest around No where … Continue reading

Half way between Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox

August brings its warmth and warm abundance To the fore Harvest time when fruits are bursting And grains to fill our store The sun and moon together Resplendent in the sky Corn dollies representing The harvest mother, I Love this … Continue reading

Only the unenlightened could ever put them down

Firmness of purpose Will to be free Independent and determined The Corvidae be Beyond magickal really Minded to say Resolute charmers An inescapable way Of being together A family of sorts Instinctive and intuitive With predestined thoughts They are never … Continue reading

Imber some thoughts

An ancient village on Salisbury Plain A quiet little place Where the saddest refrain Came from one Albert Nash A Blacksmith who worked With clinker and ash With honourable clients Wanting his wares His forty year stint Well nothing compares … Continue reading

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge Sunday 23rd June 2019

All The rain had brought such lushness A realism that The sun had worked its magick And we all knew we were at Stonehenge its that sweet caressing Light depicting scene emphasising pigments You so know that you have been … Continue reading