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Imber some thoughts

An ancient village on Salisbury Plain A quiet little place Where the saddest refrain Came from one Albert Nash A Blacksmith who worked With clinker and ash With honourable clients Wanting his wares His forty year stint Well nothing compares … Continue reading

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge Sunday 23rd June 2019

All The rain had brought such lushness A realism that The sun had worked its magick And we all knew we were at Stonehenge its that sweet caressing Light depicting scene emphasising pigments You so know that you have been … Continue reading


As to light Notice it’s clarity It assists even old eyes Surprise The light supplies A extra brightness I surmise Many actual shades of green On just one single tree Patterning and verdure And sage all willowy striations celebrations Of … Continue reading

MOON DAISIES at Midsumme

Moon Daisies really happily In avalanches cajole And offer souls the light And presence Seemingly their role Alongside Wild Roses delicately Placed sweeping downwards from on high Into verges vast and flowing Spectacular in every way In the hawthorn tangle … Continue reading

Alban Hegin

The light of the shore Lets try to explore The earth and the sea and the sky Its where so much happens The glory and power The solar god crowned by the goddess And how From that moment on the … Continue reading

Summer solstice

Perched upon a chalky plain A Neolithic burial site Far off shadows emanate Skyscape wildly offering Closer to the longest day When sunlight infiltrates the soul Robed and gazing Probled and raising Consciousness and spells of ardour The light in … Continue reading

A look at the Mari people

A time of darkness rules the Volga river Places where Mari people close to land and forest Tried to share A closeness to the landscape Animists were they Believing there were spirits In their environment the way Was open for … Continue reading


Hog weed moss rose verolaga Other names for the Purslane It hugs the ground Thats what I have found And likes the heat Again Its element is water And its Feminine ruled by the moon Love and luck and happiness … Continue reading

Broadway Caerleon Stones

Deleterious and corrosive Are rhe vandAls that we see Desecrating medieval monuments That be Fashioned some two thousand years Ago and were buried by Tons and tons of earth And now they feel the sky Above them giving them New … Continue reading

Beltaine at the rollrights

Theres a great thrash of cloud Its pink and its blue A stillness apparent I be clueless too A true celebration Of freshness ahead The bunting the streamers Have gone to my head Clad in our multitude Robed up and … Continue reading