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NInkasi the ale wives and the goddesses

The spontaneous the unbidden So minded for to brew With the patience and discretion In what they really do The predetermination And whimsicality The indispensability The superior force we see Such enthusiasm clearly And dedication too Unprompted with initiative To … Continue reading

Yuletide spices

Ginger cloves and cinnamon All fiery sun blessed they Bring passion to our magick And clarity a way Ginger really adds its power Its good On frosty days Added to warm drinks by the fire It is worthy of praise … Continue reading


In Egyptian mythology Sekhmet became Daughter of Ra A warrior flame Her name meant the powerful one And it is said Her breath formed the deserts Thats what we are led To believe She protected the pharophs And in Luxor … Continue reading

Stonehenge and its mysteries

A succession of people Devided in time Look back on this monument Most in their prime Consider the theories warranting thought Their energies meaningful And clearly sought They stare at prehistory’s Workings and feel How has it happened No one … Continue reading


Twelve miles west of Stornoway Those megaliths stand tall Once swallowed by the ancient peat When a farmer with a wall on his mind was searching for stones And did unearth The signs of what they really were And realised … Continue reading

The Norns and the Faroe islanders

“What once was” “What is coming into being” And “What should be” The norns mythology tells The Norseman the spirit For me it just yells Across the great islands The bluest of sea Where fulmar still fly And the pilots … Continue reading

Convallaria majalis or Lily of the valley

Plant it at yule And then it will be ready at Beltaine On your altar to see Its white floral bells Out of sheaths of dark green It has a sweet perfume And enjoys a damp scene Its a magickal … Continue reading


Imagine yourselves as one of the Brigantes One of the true Celtic Clan Brittania derived from those tribal warriors Clearly the fiercest of man Brigid who was the great mother A true triple goddess was she Close to the healers … Continue reading

Thoughts of Yule

Its dark its cold its uncomfortable And these days energy Is expensive so what do we do We shiver yes maybe Windchill can be piercing Perhaps it is a time To recharge all our batteries And purposefully to climb Into … Continue reading

Yule logs

The log known as the Yule Log Always needs to be Gifted never ever bought And importantly Each years log needs a slow burn Of, ofcourse 12 days Put out on the 12th and saved When its then worthy of … Continue reading