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All the team are with you Though maybe you cannot see us We all have our druid robes on Taking turns to be Loving showing our respect For our dear friend Who we all love Banishing infections In haste yes … Continue reading


It’s all about light And the concept it brings From the sombre dusk gloaming It’s vibrancy sings The wonderful crocus and snowdrops That show Their dazzling glare Just like fresh fallen snow Foaming and waxen Fresh, as can be Imbolc … Continue reading


A hooded cloak of cherry Badges everywhere A grey beard matching tousled hair A bard whose need to share Words and compositions A preamble to it all A rich continuation To the writing on the wall A soothsayer of seasons … Continue reading

Wolf moon

Packs of hungry wolves At midwinter tend to be Howling at the moon it’s said And that is why we see The first full moon Of this new year Called after their lament This a penembral Lunar eclipse Where the … Continue reading


Oghams when recorded on bits of wood or stone Was on one edge The stem line Right left diagonally And Also on bone The upward direction A sort of a code Tribal by inflection Not middle of the road 4 … Continue reading


A diamond plain and simple Polished facets shine Our Druid family flourishes With jewels upon the vine Like you my dear Considerate A kind heart all can see And now a trip to Guys A new year stunner obviously With … Continue reading

Forest of dean

A gold and purple sunrise Permitting of a scene Out of some great classic novel Instead across the green Forest where the river wye Is angrily in flood Savaging the rocks below Which invigorates the blood Imbolc we have reached … Continue reading


In the belly In the bag Behold The hungry ewes are gasping Tiny bodies Wanting of their dues The hot and creamy liquid That nurtures and that builds Brigid patroness of flocks That frequents the green fields Motherhood and smithing … Continue reading


Rollrights clad in an ermine lustre The Kings Men there from long ago They Formed a circle on a hill For a short spell as some may know Yuletide blessings the shortest day The longest night a sweet refrain The … Continue reading


An ancient neolithic and unique monument That shines a light out from the Salisbury Plain Every eye that sees it is drawn by it And feels the caring craftsmen and the pain They went to to align it with the … Continue reading