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Vernal Equinox (Alban Eilir)

The Vernal Equinox Provides the thinkers Of the light Thats being drawn back to us The dynamics of delight From the 18 of March The Alder represented by the That tree Its reign to dry up Winters Floods And open … Continue reading

Cherry (immortality and Divination)

Marescence is a peculiar trait For the cherry Its holds its leaves It will not let them go Not until the new flush Of the next Spring comes to bear Purposeful and affirming It does share Its burnished pewter bark … Continue reading

The Oak

All of them are silent friends In unchallenged supremacy Stands the oak Its massive strength Its grandeur The tree of life for me An Oak A lover of the eternal light A great force to be reckoned with Behold the … Continue reading


Catnip loves sunlight From Venus it be ruled by the water And feminity Nepeta Cataria Of the Lamiaceau Mints and deadnettle Where ere we go Elliptical leaf forms Bilabiate lip flowers Was drunk long ago In England Its powers Soporific … Continue reading

Hawthorns under the poets eyes

Hedgerows up and down the country Flourish in a twinkling they Undoubtedly offer indigenous growth Every single day Country roads have an abundance Of wild plants many who Live around the Hawthorn and share the hedge lined stew They can … Continue reading

The Ash Tree Celtic tree of now 18/2-17/3

The Ash grabs all the light It can Its pinnate leaves Provide a plan A dampish base A lime rich soil Whether Oak or Ash It seems to boil Down to Ash when the liming Grows Where Dogwood and Privet … Continue reading

The enchanted ones

Wonderland clearly can be anywhere A mysterious place Where the wild ones may share Imaginary and bewildering Creatures abiding Exquisite and worthy And always confiding In copses and glens In tunnels in setts Where the earth weird and wonderful Surely … Continue reading

Wolund the smith-god

Out here in Oxfordshire The skies are big Near Uffington Castle Near Ashbury A neolithic long barrow Of sarsen stones Interestingly Close to The Ridgeway In wooded green Where paths and copses Set the scene A son of the great … Continue reading


Snowflakes wet and beautiful Flower like,fall away The festival of Imbolc It be Brigids day Patron of the flocks of sheep And little lambs that play Lactating ewes spread the good news On this 2nd day She be venerated in … Continue reading

A faerie story

FRom 1650 to 1850 The White Hart coaching Inn Serviced the routes from Bath and Bridgewater Creating quite a din The stables at the rear Where the horses took their rest When all of that was torn down And the … Continue reading