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When we saw him he was badly injured A head wound really suffering He was A tiny little soul Not able to control His movements in much pain And that’s because Somehow either a car Or human being Had beaten … Continue reading

Unbelievable torture

Such betrayal Just whoever Became the guardian They should Realise their place In this dogs life Was that they would Look after and create A life not what they in fact did Exacted terrible cruelty Really in a bid That … Continue reading


Drenched in the street Puddles for ones feet Under a car Our little star “May” cast away In the squelch and the squash Lying in pain Completely awash When we found her Her heart beating fast as could be Timid … Continue reading


They found him in the woods Very much the worse for wear Someone must have dumped him Imagine the despair The weakening the evil To just be left alone To somehow then survive The whole experience Unknown To be found … Continue reading