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Antibiotics in Nature

The overuse and lack of thought The vile expression we Many fail to contemplate Though more and more can see The folly of over prescribing In agriculture where CAFo system operate Leading to much despair Weight increases were thought about … Continue reading

The infamous English mud

In the cover of darkness A phantom ship sails From Hinkley Point Power To Penarth in Wales The good ship “SLOEBER” (A puppy of sorts) That can open her belly And share all She sports 2000 tonnes of nuclear mud … Continue reading

Japan’s whaling activities

The Southern Ocean Sanctuary A refuge offering much Safety from the whalers Who are so out of touch A retreat an inner sanctum A place where victims feel Confident and safe there Where protection is for real Where deliverance from … Continue reading

Brian cox knows you know but so do I

Is it any wonder That we are all alone No little green men in their saucers left On some digital phone No serpents with vast cerebellums And purple eyes who see With multi faceted telescopes Even you and me Only … Continue reading