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Pacari chilli

Pacari Chilli A chocolate that sits On the tongue it just trickles Out flavour in bits Softens like soft mists On volcanic soil The green of the mint leaves The palate the royal So sensual You just want to wallow … Continue reading

Pacari Rose

High altitudes More daylight Fresh crisp clean pure air Pinchinchi province Grows the roses Long stemmed And to share Those exquisite aromas Redolent all through In a bar of chocolate Its like a dream come true And all the way … Continue reading

Riverford Organic

Essential to our planet Farmers now who are Bound by their love For the soil and who star In their own wild productions The love and the care Who respect every being That happens to be there They are playing … Continue reading

My Hazel Staff

Poetry and intuition Thats my Hazel staff An affinity with water From ancient woodland Half as olde As One Methusela Mercury its deity Its gender being masculine Ruled by the sun Where heat is free Good for wands And divining … Continue reading

Progressive agriculture

Progressive agriculture Is destruction all the way Organisms in the soil The gods and goddesses Have always known the way Pesticides and herbicides are horrors to behold The soil it cannot cope with them Why ofcourse it’s sold Is to … Continue reading

An organic farm in Somerset story from 08/2018

The odour of sanctity Goodness and honour Guiltlessness Cardinal virtues Beyond What is expected of Dairy farms these days Organically certified No magic wand Needed RSPCA assured Waitrose is buying We all can afford The organic luxury For after all … Continue reading

Lentils (wild fields Yes Please)

Vandina Shiva Has the right idea lentils of course One has to fear The so called “clearfield” GM crop That Canada grows And Ought to stop Its arrogance really Dressed suspiciously Talking up abundance ingloriously Providing some wealth For farmers … Continue reading


Understanding Of Nature Of soils and of need Seem to go out the window When it comes down to feed The people thats when ofcourse Genetics is played Thats the card of the moment Where profits are laid Fairly and … Continue reading

An Organic Hospital garden in Detroit

West Bloomfield thinks its a valid reason for much better nutrition based on organic principles and thus it becomes its mission to offer excellent foods wherein its greenhouses are set to grow a supply of in season crops and let … Continue reading