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Hunter of wolves

A hunter with his bloodied kill and Nis daughter in his lap A photo for the album Dressed up to kill this sap This obstacle to knowledge Half baked and out of touch Unscholarly and backward Who does not conjure … Continue reading

Idiot wind or A reason not to hunt BEAR

You have to know what you are doing For bears are very smart When baiting them you have to be Aware right from the start You must pick natural corridors Near water preferably Where there’s dense vegetation And trails out … Continue reading

Tilikum “If you see her say hello”

The arrogance thats sea world Is mine and I do fear The mire of basic ignorance Has made me live with fear The limelight at the forefront Of those of us now who Know orca’s and Know dolphins Much better … Continue reading

Rhino horns All I want by Kodaline

They come to us in the dead of night Of course my friends that can’t be right And if they had any sense they would Go back home because they should We are prehistoric souls Answering our many roles We … Continue reading

Draft steven tyler and slash 2014 version

Ah yea yea yea Ah yea yea yea Piano Yea yea yea yea We are here full of life full of vigor Death camp doors looking now so much bigger The truck has gone We’re so fond of life in … Continue reading

Draft bob dylan version

Swimming passed Taiji we found The banging boats were all around Overhead they seemed to be Prisoners in our own sea Bang bang banging on Neptune’s door BAng bang banging on Neptune’s door oh our heads were really sore BAng … Continue reading