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Sand mining

The largest economic sector In India today Is its constuction industry That has almost blown away Any semblance of reality Around major cities where Huge numbers of new houses Are being built, and there The need for sand is massive … Continue reading

The trek

The most ancient and the largest Fresh water lake Baikal rift zone where The earth crust is pulling apart the scare With mountains all around it Its vastness blows the mind Thousands of plants and animals Just everywhere you find … Continue reading

Muritz through the seasons

The embodiment of all you ever saw Or wish to see The backbone and the marrow and the core Is adequately Provided by our mother the creator Essentially Great forests lakes and rivers And wild life good and free Muritz … Continue reading


Cloaks of vernal chlorophyll From my friend the daffodil Who emerges with such meaning To open up in Spring Each bloom as a rule Gives me its sweet call And with utter harmony Its honesty does sing a consensus of … Continue reading


Poor judgement Created an anomaly A place where re wilding Was expected to be Sloppy thinking Lack of vision A false dawn we got 22 square kilometres And its going to pot A National Park On re-claimed land The Netherlands … Continue reading

Lesser Celandine

Moisture wetness dewiness Where Ficaria Verna thrives A harbinger of Spring itself A wild plant that survives Forming mats in woodlands Threatening to control In the Buttercup family It has a powerfful role Called the lesser celandine But noxious one … Continue reading

When We place too much emphasis on science and making profit

An irreverence for Nature A stony indifference to What was infact imagination And Science taking the view A Matter of course Perhaps disbelief But so Felt that arrogant streak The mothers of all mothers taken for granted She Responded by … Continue reading

St Kilda

Its a heritage site, believe it do Out of the Atlantic the cliffs they ring true Amazingly climb up into the sky Great sea stacs that are very high Undeniably enduring they Are the home to birds That all make … Continue reading

Adani go back to India and stay there

Gifted the great barrier reef 1400 miles Along Australia’s North East Coast And it ticks all the dials Some 3000 different corals Drawing souls from near and far A wonder of our world today The Barrier Reef a star Among … Continue reading

Our legacy -we were the fracking generation

An invasion Is now happening The fracking clan are here Gas and oil are after Our blood and it is clear When the coppers and the government Actually get their way Life as we know in England We all will … Continue reading