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When We place too much emphasis on science and making profit

An irreverence for Nature A stony indifference to What was infact imagination And Science taking the view A Matter of course Perhaps disbelief But so Felt that arrogant streak The mothers of all mothers taken for granted She Responded by … Continue reading

St Kilda

Its a heritage site, believe it do Out of the Atlantic the cliffs they ring true Amazingly climb up into the sky Great sea stacs that are very high Undeniably enduring they Are the home to birds That all make … Continue reading

Adani go back to India and stay there

Gifted the great barrier reef 1400 miles Along Australia’s North East Coast And it ticks all the dials Some 3000 different corals Drawing souls from near and far A wonder of our world today The Barrier Reef a star Among … Continue reading

Our legacy -we were the fracking generation

An invasion Is now happening The fracking clan are here Gas and oil are after Our blood and it is clear When the coppers and the government Actually get their way Life as we know in England We all will … Continue reading

Winter in Berkhamsted at 3.21pm

There is light in the sky this afternoon Streams of grey and cream The sun is breaking through the cloud Assembling its gleam A stillness, branches sleeping Rooves still decked in snow The Rosemary recovering From the onslaught a while … Continue reading

The Carmichael Mine STOP ADANI in their tracks

I just see inexpediency And inadvisability It just feels so unseemly Inopportune And untimely In Mundra thats in India A coal power plant was built Adani were the company Who have denied all guilt They overstepped their mark we hear … Continue reading

Only 12 billion litres

12 billion litres of potable water Thats all thats needed for a years worth of coal In a place where the water is scarce And the farmers appreciate water For it is their soul Adani the Indian conglommerate business From … Continue reading


Burning Polluting Our personal space With imported chemicals Right in our face Its nothing but scandalous That is my view We destroy all thats good That is what we do We mimic a war With the cannons and sprays With … Continue reading

Patrick Kilonzo

To have that disposition that inclination for Wild animals whom are suffering Who he never would ignore A man,a proper hero ungrudgingly displays Makes it his self-appointed task And a foundation lays Unasked and unbidden volantarily Hired a truck filled … Continue reading

The wolves

Realness actuality Attested and how it should be Flesh and blood the wolves are there Sucking in the fresh cold air Romping through the tall high grass These animals seem to outclass So much substance in their gait Physical and … Continue reading