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Aldi let me tell you I came out of your store Yesterday quite early Feeling very sure That the redbourn branch is improvingu Your stocks are really good The customer service is excellent And honestly it would Possibly please you … Continue reading

RAHUL of Mumbai

Technical Support from Three the people flogging phones and I phones everywhere I pads too are sold on contract and when things go wrong the lads and lassies in Mumbai then share their expertise their service and their caring the … Continue reading

Bella Italia

Potentially the nicest and the most cordial Place around Nirvana care of pizza Where the grains are finely ground Baked with fire and served with love By Laura of Sicily Who misses this wee lass I’m sure For she served … Continue reading

Johan and Karolina Boswinkel

Realness actuality Visible substantivity The “chiren” such potential Transcendent interaction A fullness and an eminence All embracing the reaction Incredible stupendous Remarkable interaction A privilege to hear of it Those bio photons gleam A superlative contraption An overriding dream One … Continue reading

Song for the birthday boy

John Chang’s too sexy for his love His overflowing love Love love will never leave him John Chang’s too sexy for his ties He’s generous and wise So sexy. He tries And John Chang’s too sexy for KL KL,Melaka,I hear … Continue reading


Fibre optic technology Bio feedback quality The unique Chiren from Boswinkel whose Modality bank, brought forth it’s good news Light so much light A manifestation To re ignite Through such dedication A natural intelligence Once all possessed Self healing Revealing … Continue reading

3 and Kunal in Mumbai

Satisfaction guaranteed Service which is what we need Loyalty is how we feel 3 are truly very real Kunal resident of Mumbai A personable soul Who does so try Listens, helps and Is very good You feel he cares Which … Continue reading


KIA chipperfield England A team in high regard Everything they do there Shows me they work hard Caring, selling, servicing They are thoughtful through and through A dealership to die for Secondhand and new Tim the master seller James is … Continue reading

Fratelli La Bufala

At 40 Shaftesbury Avenue Is a haven of delight Fratelli La Bufala Where everything feels right We sat beside the window And the service was so good Adilson Grando helped us Like any waiter should But he was calm and … Continue reading

Eat pitta corn street Bristol

Under the glass market Eat Pitta it is there Like a mirage in the desert Suddenly aware Heaps of wondrous salads Falafels march in time Crisp and very tasty Worthy of a rhyme Hummus feel the garlic And sesame create … Continue reading