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Volunteers and the Citizens Advice Bureau

What is more valuable to any soul Than the time of another That unique role A priceless interlude Who really can say What does that cost At the end of the day We all share a lifetime And clearly its … Continue reading

Folly’s farm home and rest for Donkeys

I am just one of the donkeys here But what I have to say Is we live a life of riley And love the natural hay We are just outside of Nettledon On a road that winds Its way down … Continue reading

Royal Indian Brasserie new quay west wales

Welcoming A good place With a good vibe And where one is made To feel Relaxed and in the company Of a place that cooks With zeal The spice combinations Considerately proclaim In blends of culinary wizardry Royal India’s good … Continue reading

Dee’s will Please

Pea protein And navy beans Black beans And mushrooms Flax seeds The taste buds Already aware Nutrient rich dulse The oceans provider And Dee’s true philosophy Of love and care Her sausages they Include all of her wisdom A wholesome … Continue reading

Babs behan

Realness a breathing A Vital desire A fortuitous happening A natural fire Of energy coming From Plant sources she A botanical artist And sustainably Works at her craft With a sensitive air With the deepest respect Which ofcourse she does … Continue reading

S.W.A.T (Design and build)

Call the S.W.A.T team For They are amazing Building Design expertise Nothings too much For them They have high standards And A duty of care That will please In deference to them My admiration For the way that they worked … Continue reading

Rajah’s Makaibari

The miracle that was Makaibari Took on an exciting turn A realization A philosophy of existence So as to learn An undeniable positive What may have appeared a dream In the mind of a giant With an enduring stream That … Continue reading

Anna Rubicam stone cutter

Creating form The essence A silhoutette in time Countours structure Physiognomy Attitude in rhyme Shaping moulding carving Whittle chisel punch Knock and hammer Symmetry Beauty by the bunch Rhythmical and harmonious A marriage of mind and eye Of hands of … Continue reading

Blacksmith and the Toffee maker

Its a creative concept And needs quite some courage To switch ones philosophy In such a way Dealing in meat And dairy and changing To a vegan format At the end of the day Shows imagination And great resourcefulness A … Continue reading

Herisson rose- ofcourse she knows

Inspirational and inspired Your jewellery really makes me fired Up to tell you That I be Thinking that yuletide presents, we Love you for your jewellery The earthly spiritual toolery I love your work love it so much And I … Continue reading