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Cameroon’s most precious resource

We are selling ourselves short What is an irreverence The great aged forests Priceless if sold Trees of great age And a wealth of wild treasures Gifted by the gods And right off the page When It comes to wonders … Continue reading

Oil palm arrogance

Mismanaging the environment Refraining to see The enlightenment of what is creation Which now be Evident in forests Now put to wrong use Maladministration Leading to abuse Oil palm a misnomer Violence one can say Destruction of an eco system … Continue reading

Iceland’s banning order

A conscience And an integrity Insullied we can say A video made for Yule perhaps In a pure minded way With a deal of moral fibre Principled and true With a sense of responsibility Virtuous all through Iceland Foods A … Continue reading


The footprint for palm oil Is as deep as can be Many tears have been shed So much sadness I see Heart wrenching stories Pitiful tales Lives left in tatters How this all pales Into significance It is the start … Continue reading

Dr Birute

The worlds true primate angel A scholar of the wild Clearly her enlightenment Begun as a child Her grasp and her awareness A perception of the great Acquaintanceship with the red apes And there can be no debate This women … Continue reading

The Orangutans lament

These noble souls their suffering Is greater than the need To profit from the palm oil Planted for the greed That extends across Malaysia And Indonesia too The magnates with their mansions And their hearts badly askew Tearing great magical … Continue reading

Planet Earth from the perspective of the indigenous peoples

Actists defenders protectors Of the land More of them are being killed Is it hard to understand They are the heartfelt warriors Their morality they share Often abused and maltreated And martyred everywhere Anguished and ansgt ridden Victimized they be … Continue reading

Palm oil

We really have to now avoid This rotten pal oil, it Is ruining the forests And hobestly isnt fit For any kind of purpose Apart from banksters who Care nothing about the environment Nor the animals, they woo Corporates and … Continue reading

The orangutans last stand

This was our arena Our rainforest our place Every single tree we knew And we have felt the pace Quickening once silence ruled And now all that we hear Is crashing logging and razing to the ground Those trees most … Continue reading

Borneo and the red apes

The wider corporatocracy Its about their balance sheets Eco isnt how they earn Its about the elites The WWF and the hunters And those who stand to make more money Which the corporatocracy do With an insatiable desire For palm … Continue reading

We are all its victims somewhere down the line

The unscrupulousness and opportunism Of the ape smugglers who use The vile palm oil destruction And tragically refuse To realise their artfulness Their crookedness their shame For getting mixed up in illicit wildlife As if it was a game Ofcourse … Continue reading

A chimpanzee has made her plea

Us chimpanzee’s Live in the trees Thats of course until You want your soft white toilet paper Or palm oil Then the thrill For all of you Sweet humans With The forest our delight But you employ the loggers And … Continue reading

Logging and what it really means

Logging opens up space It casts our minds back where The forests rampant in its green Seemed to attack despair Every inch of every where Was created and achieved a balance and Gaia was there And I just felt relieved … Continue reading

Palm oil

Magnates and tycoons And fats cats have prospered SIngapore Indonesia and Malaysians They Have witnessed the forests Burned to their roots Moving the indigenous out of the way Animals surely have lost all their habitat Now several groups control all … Continue reading

Rescued or are they?

Their expectation was a future together Instead we see consequence which has descended Not from good judgement for no one’s defended THe incalculable loss As habitats ended Rainforests brimming with life just torn down Great reference libraries all seen to … Continue reading

Have we reached the tipping point

Compare the rainforest These last 40 years Go to Malaysia Hold back the tears Perhaps you cant see Perhaps you don’t care So many with asthma From the state of the air The forest was once massive The planets lungs … Continue reading

Dr. Singleton and his wonderful team

Oil for ape/tiger scandal Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Vegans especially do not buy into The corporate greenwash about the environment The animals and their conflicts re profit Many deal with illegal loggers and Malaysia and Indonesia are being ravaged by them Thousands of … Continue reading

Orangutans and the palm oil

We live up in the canopy To fly is our embrace Through the viridescent light Up there we stay the pace Married to forever On our creeper swings Through the emerald forest That paradise just brings The loggers came with … Continue reading

Lacking foresight

For an amazing and gorgeous paradise where life was Full and green Through the minds of selfish greedy corporates We have seen A living forest torn down and slash and burn In force And all to make a commercial oil … Continue reading

Palm oil and us the orangutans

Everything has palm oil in it do you really care do you check the labels are you now aware   look at us they’ve captured us we’re all tied up in knots we’re arborial apes you know and a bunch … Continue reading

Dry skin in the palm of our hand

the conceit of all this growing is measured by the way the balance sheet is showing the profits of dismay the ideality of reasoning the invention of a need the corporate understanding and just where that does lead   the … Continue reading

Pepsi and Palm Oil

Pesi Cola uses Palm oil like there is no tomorrow their total years production times 4 would reach around the Earth and thats some girth and doesn’t that bring sorrow to every sweet Orangutan whose in the canopy   swinging … Continue reading

The last message from maybe the last Orangutan

The problem for the red ape ts the corporation guy he wants to make a lot of dosh in the winking of his eye he doesn’t care an earthlu for some red ape up some tree all he cares about … Continue reading

“Green” a fine name for a victim of Palm oil

In the back of a truck being rocked up and down covered in dust she’s green and  a bit brown   she sleeps on a  bed not up in a tree she is all alone the ceiling, she can see … Continue reading

Certified Palm oil

Sometimes I think its because they are ignorant totally immersed in their own little space rainforest’s don’t even figure in their world which to an activist is a disgrace   But they are in a world of margin and profit … Continue reading

Tripa Peat Swamp

We have to sit back and think very hard what life’s about for us all why do some profit from others big losses in truth that factor does appal long term survival is not measured by bank notes they don’t … Continue reading

Palm oil and HSBCC (what I see as short sighted maybe)

HSBCC appear ignorant for they are financing this product willy nilly I do say the world does not need so much the forests are a real need for everybody the planets lungs indeed vast tracts of living foliage of rich … Continue reading

Malaysia look after your country or the palm oil operatives will destroy it

Malaysia’s clearly lost it its companies are out of control on forests and thats without a doubt clear cutting the rainforests for timber and palm oil is madness, utter madness creating such turmoil the orangutans, the Rhino’s Sumatran Tigers too … Continue reading

ORANGUTAN ‘s last stand

          We are now close to extinction despite the years when we have fought hard to just live our lives completely naturally Birute has been an angel but the corporates we know are making a killing … Continue reading

Palm Oil and the corporate fat cats

All the supermarkets and the corporates out there all of them are at it helping us despair at the razing of the forests the great lungs choke and cough can you hear that wrenching sound as those great trunks all … Continue reading