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A zoo in Krasnodar UKRAINE

Wrongness you can feel it One glance and you can see Unfitting and improper Inexcusability Wrongheadedness personified Callous heartless they 2 Orangutans together In this prison everyday. It is a glass enclosure And uncomfortable it be They are clearly bored … Continue reading

Monkey huddle

Our gatherings are increasing Victims everywhere The trees are being logged away Our life is now despair Collectively we are suffering Slash and burn is here Change and alteration As great swathes of life They clear So many repercussions We … Continue reading


Deliberately injuring Beautiful primates The glorious red apes The orangutan Certifiability Amongst common people You meet in the street Delusional fools Who can pick up an air gun And fire at a primate Sitting with her baby Such action appals … Continue reading

Baby formula and nappies

The selfishness Self seeking young Russian traveller In Indonesia found out that he Was breaking the law drugging an Orangutan And Now in his luggage The animal be Drugged up to the eyeballs on allergy meds Packets of nappies for … Continue reading

Life and the red ape

The very existence The created realness The essential nature Of all things we know Attested and genuine Concrete and tangible We have this quality As we all grow In the wilds Of the forest Instinctively programmed Inherent in all of … Continue reading

Steve Irwin and the red ape mother

The late Steve Irwin was driven His confidence to see And be a true blue earthling Respect and ofcourse a guiltlessness An irreproachability The mother sought compassion She felt his tender heart Which Clearly moved him you could hear him … Continue reading

Dr Birute

The worlds true primate angel A scholar of the wild Clearly her enlightenment Begun as a child Her grasp and her awareness A perception of the great Acquaintanceship with the red apes And there can be no debate This women … Continue reading

The Orangutans lament

These noble souls their suffering Is greater than the need To profit from the palm oil Planted for the greed That extends across Malaysia And Indonesia too The magnates with their mansions And their hearts badly askew Tearing great magical … Continue reading

Palm oil

We really have to now avoid This rotten pal oil, it Is ruining the forests And hobestly isnt fit For any kind of purpose Apart from banksters who Care nothing about the environment Nor the animals, they woo Corporates and … Continue reading

The orangutans last stand

This was our arena Our rainforest our place Every single tree we knew And we have felt the pace Quickening once silence ruled And now all that we hear Is crashing logging and razing to the ground Those trees most … Continue reading