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There is nothing common about the raven

They mate for life Each serenade Bonding as they do A song bird And their every word Is love their lifetime through Tis true the wolves and ravens Are the sages for wise they be Master mentors mindful And their … Continue reading

Come with me

Come with me will you To a place where so few Eyes could have spotted her beautiful form Where she just set the scene And was her own storm A magickal soul Who just did belong Who could run with … Continue reading

A wolf and a boy

A wolf A boy The innocence of childhood No preconception there Injustice never entered The narrow minded stare There is no unintelligence Discretion is the tool Appreciativeand measured The discovery of all Persauded by ones destiny To befriend wild souls … Continue reading


The thunderous drums of NOKOMIS crash down From the sky As her great light comes filtering down We are woken wondering why The new corn moon is radiant Each moment shock waves flow THe romance of the coming Autumn really … Continue reading

Aradia’s chant

a drum beats out a melody the coven comes alive masks and dancing maidens a shrillness doth survive the darkness spreads its shadows the Danube spreads its wings Buda and Pest are sleeping as Diana’s magick brings all of us … Continue reading