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Starting gates and more cruelty

Has anybody stopped to think How human beings try To subjugate the animals And then try to apply Reasons not to ever Query what they do Whether its racing hunting Dressage it still for me is true Take horse racing … Continue reading


I think this is Brazil And clearly people having fun The music playing loudly Underneath the sun A couple warm and sexy dance They feel the need On top of a poor horse That inside wants to bleed This is … Continue reading

Onaqui Mountain Wild Horses

The Bureau of Land Management Beaurocrats by birth Clearly know fuck all about wild horses And the earth All they care about these days Is money in their pot Abusing wildness daily That is all they have got From Colonial … Continue reading

Mistaken identity

Its mistaken identity Your honour Thats his excuse And we hear The judge summing up Spoke of his firearm But sadly for me Its too clear Eyesight And mindfulness Clearly this clown Needed both And didnt have either And down … Continue reading

A romantic carriage ride

A romantic carriage ride With ones lady by your side Holding hands together But nobody cares whether The horse that does the pulling Is up for it today And sadly in this heat we are having The poor horse is … Continue reading

Horses for courses not so at Pendleton

At Larry Brownings Pendleton County Farm we hear Has lots of neglected horses And it seems very clear Many still in halters Very little hay Pools of water everywhere Its not deemed as okay He says that he’s a trader … Continue reading


Its humiliating to watch this A horse stands in the now A child beside him probably Lacks humility and how To act with what is clearly A horse thats felt the wrath This is not an isolated case And for … Continue reading

Tongue tied

Tongues are very sensitive And horses think so too So tying them under the chin Is not the thing to do Its all about control Riders like to interfere But clearly its an invasion Of ones freedom And that is … Continue reading

“Faithful unto death”

What rationality could horses expect Engaged in war Made to fight an enemy And be cut down for sure Up against the machine guns And the enemy who would aim At the horses everytime As history did claim Their fear … Continue reading

Draft horses live exports

The untruthfulness and mendacity The deception that we see Horses shipped from the US to Canada They be Loaded into crates at night And then air shipped to Japan To fulfil to the raw horse sashimi trade That is needful … Continue reading