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Morning Noon and Night

I cry out in my spirit With my heart and with my soul RHIANNON can you share my pain I need you, to console Me, help me, to get through it Maybe take me to your place Where i can … Continue reading


Rodeo is a Spanish Concept Which influenced the US their Stock Farms were required by law From 1851 to share A rodeo of sorts within the limits Of their place It was William F Cody himself Who in North platte … Continue reading

5 Rescue dogs and a horse

Owning land in Spain can get one Into true hot water A lady with a rescue centre Found that to be true Told shunters to keep off her land Or she would have to fine them Clearly got their backs … Continue reading

Dolphin and horse together of course

A dolphin and a horse together Almost out at sea This is not reality More a fantasy PEGASUS and flipper Raw feelings seemingly Impressionable and compassionate A suggestion of being free Effervescent and so spirited Ecstatic even they So involved … Continue reading

Competitive corporate business with living feeling souls cannot ever be right

This is their business model A corporate business of sorts The product thats making the profit Is alive but alone with its thoughts Its a horse in a world of upheavel In a place where there’s pressure to win All … Continue reading


Despite international standards Right across the board Horses are getting a raw deal And the world cannot afford The pointlessness and illogical Terror that I hear Is happening to horses Who are rootless and in fear RAcehorses that stop winning … Continue reading

The Under Dog

The perception Of enslaving any animal For money as in racing them Requires A mindless and an uninventive Intellect A wanting without caring With their eyesh Firmly on the money That they are making The industry of gambling based on … Continue reading

A man on a horse

I know how much the indigenous Love their horses, so To ride his into the battlefield Says what I wish to know Remember the man in front of the tank In Beijing well I saw That man again in America … Continue reading

A lot of American Horses

Horses are companions they are friends To humans who Keep them for whatever reason For us humans do They work for us in many ways are compatible and kind So to hear so many are being slaughtered It really blows … Continue reading

The whisperers

It’s all about wildness And a spiritual need That survival instinct That in any breed The street cred The wilderness knowledge That speaks It’s really a therapy With troughs and with peaks Arizona State Prison Land Management’s way Of clearing … Continue reading