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Straight out of the bin Where the wicked reside We see the irreverence Of his last ride Neglect and disparagement Mortification Offhand and scoffing Bearing no relation To the sad gelding Lying its soul passing to It place in the … Continue reading


A cloven hoof Is all we see A dead horse Who has galloped free From the horse racing He was put through And collapsed in pain As many do Up jumped a jockey A rider a fool An iniquitous arse … Continue reading

Horses a commentary

The illusion and the sophistry Of watching horses run Racing them making them jump Fences in the sun The dupery and swindling Its cruelty beyond Peoples imagination Taking advantage of the bond Animals have with human beings Owners so to … Continue reading

Horses for courses

Living alone takes a whole Lot of soul Away from a life form Perhaps a great hole In what is expected And the unforseen Animals think and animals glean So much from their Environments and from the way They are … Continue reading

Horses for courses against all the forces

With insurance premiums rising Thoroughbreds are lost Sent across the sea to South Korea At quite a cost To someone for the journey Winding up inside The many Korean stomachs What a fancy ride Cut down in their prime it … Continue reading


I don’t live in Australia But have travelled there And know The extent of the great Continent And its ebb and flow From Perth down to Adelaide And up to Darwin, I Then across to Cairns and down to Brisbane … Continue reading

A reply and a thank you from the Horses of ROME

People are not getting smaller And four in the back of a cart Traipsing through Rome On a hot Summers Day It doesn’t do much for the heart Lugging their arses all over The effort it takes And for me … Continue reading


Unjustifiablity The guilty And criminality Riding up on horseback Wanting to win a race Digging in those rotten heels Trying to increase the pace Getting out that whip hand And thrusting it into The horses flank With all ones might … Continue reading

ALKIVIADIS (my true friend)

I left her world Just yesterday Exhausted And had planned To leave my friend And journey back To an ancient land Ancestrally the Aegean And the Marmara seas Were where my name Had come from Where that lovely scented breeze … Continue reading

Racing for punters

Having four legs doesnt mean That we race Its man again What is the swindling pace Of training up horses Putting them through Crippling regimes And trying to do The opposite really Torture and pain We suffer in silence In … Continue reading

Sallu the pony

The Tonga or the cunnicle Is a one man coach Providing a passenger and luggage Really for the riding Up against the. AST crowds The traffic everywhere The ponies drawing these Do find it’s hard out in the air So … Continue reading

Horse mutilations in France.

Apparently ESMS can affect Stallions it appears Who mutilate themselves and others Raising considerable fears Abroad one really has to think Why animals act this way Could it be down to the chemicals Ingested along the way. Mutilations of live … Continue reading

Work horses and their plight around the world

Bereft of hope Fearing the worst Horses in Pakistan Lose heart and hope Abandoned by the working man Carrying far too much On carts that Really must have seen Better days the quaking ways And drivers whom Are mean They … Continue reading

Horses for courses

Blood of horse blood of  Donkeys Vampires  draining all’s  awash equine serum keeps them barren Crowded  sheds oh golly gosh   tied up with ropes their hopes in shatters they cannot move just there all day When they lie down its … Continue reading

Horses going down with virus

Thailand’s going through the mill Since February horses there have been Infected by some midges which caused A really frightening virus Where seventy per cent infected Sadly die. It started in Pak Chong Not far from BANGKOK A race horse … Continue reading

Bramble Hale Farm awful cruelty

It happened in Pembrokeshire Attested and rotten beyond Any imaginary circumstance It was good someone did respond To the unbelievable cruelty Going on all around this place Unlicensed breeding of dogs Up for Sale Welfare and keeping alas unsanitary conditions … Continue reading


Indisposed and writhing Angst ridden so to say And a grown man and a women Their total weight Does play Down hard on a beautiful horse Lying on its side infelicitous and despairing Which this couple have denied An audience … Continue reading

The poor horse in the lonely bull ring

The cuadrilla A band of five Chastising all the way Castigation is their sin It’s how they plan each day Torture it’s there key word The innocent to pay It’s the day of reckoning for the BULL I hear them … Continue reading

Chicago’s inconsiderateness

In the heat The forgetfulness Now Our concern We suffer in silence As our feet burn Carelessness everywhere Asphalt and stone Vehicular violence For we are alone In touch with the surface The vibrations too So many oblivious To what … Continue reading

ROMANIA horse market cruelty

I have heard that market traders In Romania create A cruel and ugly spectacle Such spiteful ness does rate Badly in the scheme of things For horses up for sale Are abused by making them Haul great logs and boulders … Continue reading


In spectacular environments Snowy peaks and blue Skies and really great terrain Everywhere is true To Nature to our Mother And to her wondrous power Creating and designing Wildness by the hour The valleys and the canyons. the ridges the … Continue reading

Loath to be sentient

To be grudging and unwilling Are human traits and we Who serve the tourists in hot countries Really need to be Amenable to assist them And show kindness where we can Our refusal to look after Our animals a man … Continue reading

Sale Yards in Australia

New South Wales Victoria QLD The evidence is out there Yin and yang and we Must realise the concept And really try to be Willing to remember Heat is YANG and so Eating meat when it is hot The answer … Continue reading

Agricultural Shows

We exist in actuality Undeniably Enduring and well grounded Flesh and blood We be Animals That human beings Use captivity Fear and farming methods As a philosophy Together we all represent The Meat Trade YES on show You bring your … Continue reading

Will we all be rounded up (before you know it)

Science for a better life For me thats hard to see Its out there on their website Sustainablity Bayers innovation (monsatan)products too The creeping hand of modern man Who has the the gall to do The really weirdest of things … Continue reading

Collateral damage in the bull ring

The impulse to be wicked Comes easy in the ring SPAIN Uses its tactics Certainly to bring Its audiience to fervour With gladatorial pain The terror for the horses So malignantly insane The Picador a gutless oaf Rides horseback and … Continue reading

Starting gates and more cruelty

Has anybody stopped to think How human beings try To subjugate the animals And then try to apply Reasons not to ever Query what they do Whether its racing hunting Dressage it still for me is true Take horse racing … Continue reading


I think this is Brazil And clearly people having fun The music playing loudly Underneath the sun A couple warm and sexy dance They feel the need On top of a poor horse That inside wants to bleed This is … Continue reading

Onaqui Mountain Wild Horses

The Bureau of Land Management Beaurocrats by birth Clearly know fuck all about wild horses And the earth All they care about these days Is money in their pot Abusing wildness daily That is all they have got From Colonial … Continue reading

Mistaken identity

Its mistaken identity Your honour Thats his excuse And we hear The judge summing up Spoke of his firearm But sadly for me Its too clear Eyesight And mindfulness Clearly this clown Needed both And didnt have either And down … Continue reading