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Unadulterated fear As far as the eyes can see The heat that’s coming at us Being felt by me An agony where all I know Is rapidly no more All the trees The birds and bees Are in an unholy … Continue reading

One Albert Nash

44 years he had served IMBER well The village blacksmith The happiest spell He worked long and hard And built up his trade Serving the community When the war Office laid Their objections to His village and that he leave … Continue reading

A waterside property

A unique detached dwelling A real outlandish roost Near the water in the sunlight Gives the eggs a boost With all the crap from human beings Might as well create A pad that’s unlike others And just might start a … Continue reading

Iceland 130 and 131

We plunder creation As Iceland the nation And ofcourse our salvation To slaughter and kill The great norse god message The evil apparent Loftsson in tow As the fin whales blood spill This is the thinking Of Iceland its people … Continue reading

ICELAND its nationalistic objections to stop the whaling

Freedom of action A maxim they say Self-determination For them its the way Uncontrolled and uninfluenced Unbowed they will pay Whatever it costs At the end of the day To continue the fight To take minke and fin And humpback … Continue reading

A gory tory story

We cant have homeless people Littering the street Thats the tory mantra And its far far from discreet Windsor a royal borough With the castle and we hear Harry and his lady Supposing they appear With all their vast huge … Continue reading


Just imagine being woken up By something thats so dire The awful realisation That your tower block Is on fire Choking on the embers Tasting the thick smoke Hearing the shrieks of neighnours And needing to go for broke Every … Continue reading

(First time buyers )a hermit crabs lament

Don’t tell us we’re not exuberant As hermit crabs go You tourists come here and take Our shells away As well you know But everyday we are growing So these days now what can we do There’s not enough real … Continue reading

Denver capital of Colorado

Thoughtlessness is prevalent From the law enforcement there To me its painstakingly obvious That the mayor is most unfair That a city with so many homeless People should be awAre Of those sleeping rough Which is very tough For the … Continue reading

Dolphin and horse together of course

A dolphin and a horse together Almost out at sea This is not reality More a fantasy PEGASUS and flipper Raw feelings seemingly Impressionable and compassionate A suggestion of being free Effervescent and so spirited Ecstatic even they So involved … Continue reading