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Its really very sinister The present goings on Governments and terrorism Honour almost gone Deadly crimes apparent The enormity Of what we see in Texas Its sinful actually To do this to each other Within a country, we Have to … Continue reading

Sky frackers can you hear me?

They must have something on you Or are you dosed up with drugs Or you Do not have a family Or they threaten you with bugs Pilots who fly everyday Up into the sky With tanks of dangerous chemicals Which … Continue reading

Weather modification special request to the so called military pilots

Weather modification Let’s celebrate with the gods The ignorant weather wizards Just a bunch of sods Dedicated to earning A salary to break The poverty of all pensioners For everybody’s sake GEO engineering the new kid on the block Children … Continue reading


The thunderous drums of NOKOMIS crash down From the sky As her great light comes filtering down We are woken wondering why The new corn moon is radiant Each moment shock waves flow THe romance of the coming Autumn really … Continue reading


Being,given,existing, Undying is their claim Unimagined yet to come Its all part of their game There is something out there Some projection Absoluteness, untimely Consistent with a constant Homogeneity And there was no agreement No chorus from the blue Only … Continue reading

I love hunting club

The I Love Hunting Club Appeals to those who feel they do Based in the Middle Kingdom In China yes it’s true 100 well heeled business people Do, do themselves proud Pay 80,000 dollars And end up all high powered … Continue reading


the arrogance of man Is clearly drenched in corporate woe Water is a issue Around which now does flow Fracking wastes a great deal. And several billion souls Live in or near the water Water thus controls Their lives and … Continue reading


An impenetrable shield around the earth incoming missiles, blown clouds of electrons every which way that was ever known worldwide communications lost in the ionosphere and bursts of radiation to spread the doom and fear   to redirect the jetstream … Continue reading