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We found him on a construction site Looking the worst for wear Clearly he was hungry and in his own despair Scalding at his rear end And a big wound at his side His tail was full, of maggots And … Continue reading

Eating donkey in China

It’s not just Ejiao From what a hear Donkey meat is seen As tasty cheap Nutrition And altogether green The donkey lives on grass and hay And wild plants of the field Unlike the cow and sheep And the farm … Continue reading


A sanctuary in Israel Catering for souls Beaten up and left for dead Who do take on their roles As work horses a carrying And shifting night and day Often owned by human beings Whose dullness on display Is evident … Continue reading

The Donkey and the Wolf

A wolf captured in Patok A mountainous terrain Was brought into a farm And put in a cage Which was a strain On the wolf’s abilities And Although the farmer fed Food to the wolf thereafter He wasted it which … Continue reading


Standing by the roadside A victim, Passers by Hardly realising That this donkey he did cry Suffering the agony Of his legs wired Up and he Left to face the music As some were soon to see Taken back to … Continue reading


Put upon That feeling of willingness to please Thrown back really in one’s face A despairing tease Inflicting, such heartache For a martyr in distress An ordeal of infliction And a torment giving stress What is residual misery That cuts … Continue reading

Bamoko and it’s donkey

One of the poorest countries Mali seems to me To have It’s share of rubbish dumps And mountainous they be Worked by little donkeys Who live each rotten life Of long hours dragging huge weights And Causing them such strife. … Continue reading


She was tentatively rocking By the side of a busy street having escaped from a merchant Racked up with deceit Who beat her and who worked her And tied her legs together So she just couldn’t get away She was … Continue reading


Put upon Made to work Neglected often every day These donkeys really enjoy life And work hard for a Bag of hay Considering the work they do Its very hard to understand Why owners should neglect them Often tied up … Continue reading


In this great big world of ours Neglect apparently Is really very widespread And animals do see And feel a lot of terror Like working donkeys they Get paired up with real bastards Every single day Who disregard their food … Continue reading