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Put upon Made to work Neglected often every day These donkeys really enjoy life And work hard for a Bag of hay Considering the work they do Its very hard to understand Why owners should neglect them Often tied up … Continue reading


In this great big world of ours Neglect apparently Is really very widespread And animals do see And feel a lot of terror Like working donkeys they Get paired up with real bastards Every single day Who disregard their food … Continue reading


“Flopsy” was old And clearly sad Standing still Feeling real bad A wounded ear The maggots came In the road And did inflame His Fear apparent Spitefulness Clearly There was no redress Agony was his to hold Was his to … Continue reading


The rope was tight around his leg His flesh torn open wide Neglect had caused the injury The rot was deep inside It must have been so terrible When we found him lying there So many tears had fallen But … Continue reading


A donkey mangled on the street And speeding rickshaw Trying to cheat Time the passenger Sadly late Lambert into Lolo’s Gentle gait head and necks wounds Lacerations Cuts and bruises Her location on the street A mass of sores She … Continue reading


A gentle soul hardworking All his days His owner was of unsound mind With wrathful indignant ways Too many bursts of anger A frightful man was he Gnashing teeth and fury Was often how he be Poor “Veeru” always working … Continue reading

The little white donkey

Imagine falling down a hole And landing in a pile Of sewage in the darkness Of ourse that so vile To contemplate the feeling Underneath the ground To have fallen into a septic tank And Luckily not to have drowned … Continue reading


Lance was looking poorly Front and back leg torn Left tied up and neglected The flesh alas was worn Bleeding terribly painful Standing all the day Just left there really to bleed out Whilst most looked the other way We … Continue reading


We got a call from someone A donkey sadly had collapsed and was lying in a shed Clearly feeling bad Plastic rope around his legs Had torn into the skin Wounding them and exposing them To flies that had crawled … Continue reading

April the donkey

There she was the worse for wear A gaping hole A soulful stare A Jennet suffering all could see And probably feel that agony She was in a dishevelled state Abandoned to her probable fate Death was close One had … Continue reading