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Twenty five years Of everything A donkey Ever needs Greetings on a lovely day When truth of course Succeeds A donkey loved and cared for When so many still Abroad Are worked Are ridden If only like me A sweet … Continue reading

Loath to be sentient

To be grudging and unwilling Are human traits and we Who serve the tourists in hot countries Really need to be Amenable to assist them And show kindness where we can Our refusal to look after Our animals a man … Continue reading

Roadside butchery

This really is sn obscenity Taking place today In Baoding south west Of Beijing Where 10 million people stay The most polluted city At this roadside butchery Donkeys are all tethered Waiting To be murdered The vulgarity personified The tactlessness … Continue reading

Donkey rides

We call them working animals Its suits us But they are equine wonders And for me Donkeys are Gentle perhaps and just too amenable They be Believing and persuadable A little bit naive Trusting and confiding And thats why they … Continue reading

“Freddie” and “Merlin”

“Mares” A sanctuary in Bulawayo A place for sad donkeys Injured and sad In a country that’s poor and has thousands of animals Suffering terribly Clearly the bad Times bring out evil And hatred and sadness And the donkeys the … Continue reading

Agricultural Shows

We exist in actuality Undeniably Enduring and well grounded Flesh and blood We be Animals That human beings Use captivity Fear and farming methods As a philosophy Together we all represent The Meat Trade YES on show You bring your … Continue reading


Descended from the wild ass Some 40 million now In the world and mostly Pack animals and how They work hard in hot climates Draught animals they be They eat a lot of grass They eat voraciously. Recently Pakistan Has … Continue reading

Wrong doing and corruption

Some Animals hardly have any rights Other than to work and surely die In Africa more especially In Zimbabwe It is high Time that the poor old donkeys Got a thought or two They are beaten up and badgered Working … Continue reading

Folly’s farm home and rest for Donkeys

I am just one of the donkeys here But what I have to say Is we live a life of riley And love the natural hay We are just outside of Nettledon On a road that winds Its way down … Continue reading

Donkey hell

They walked the beach at Blackpool Giving the children rides Supposedly for twenty years But alas in their insides They harboured quite some cruelty From the owner and her man And her daughter Who all lived in Fir Tree Farmhouse … Continue reading