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E Jiao (Donkey hide gelatin)

TRaditional Chinese Medicine Creates victims everywhere Millions face the good old chop And hours of true despair The donkeys for example A gentle soul they be A fact of life undeniably Whose possibility Has been to work and laboured long … Continue reading

Fresh donkey meat

Lines of frantic donkeys At the roadside waiting Their turn,to be butchered on the spot Imagine that What goes through their minds See them twitching feel the signs Of nervousness and not knowing Where they are at They are innocence … Continue reading

Donkey hide gelatin

JIangsu Zhejiang and Shan dong Have a history I hear Of using donkeys thick hide As a medicine it’s clear It’s been going on for ages But the black donkey is rare So other animals have been used But whose … Continue reading

Rape the murder of the soul

This topic is a frightful one Shakespeare didn’t write Ever about such subjects But however I invite The thoughts to come together And try to understand How sick our world is becoming And how could this, have been planned The … Continue reading

We write what we have to

Shakespeare Keats and Spenser Never had to write Poems about anal electrocution Just the sight Of such a fucking evil Would have pissed them off like mad And here I am day after day Really awfully sad Writing up the … Continue reading

Villaneuva de la Vera in Extremadura Spain 24/2

Culture and tradition words that sicken me When they are used to describe something That for me is infamy For me is, wanton cruelty Of animals No regard For the safety of our earthling friends Who really battle hard The … Continue reading


Under the hot sun A donkey is led Along by two loathsome men That being said Suddenly one hits the poor donkeys back With a pole Really truthfully gives it a whack You can just feel the pain of it … Continue reading


I watched that little sentient soul Led down to the beach Clearly full of self belief And, when they did reach The spot where it was to happen Laid the donkey down Pouring kerosene over him My god they went … Continue reading

rape hee haw style

a donkey was out in the desert alone when a bloke took his pants down and thought he’d ¬†disown   a piece of that donkey but rape wasn’t on she used her hind legs and the rapist was gone   … Continue reading

Torture of a sentient is seen as a joke to the ignorant

The grotesque arse of the fat arsed goon tickles his fancy this mammoth buffoon testing the strength of the Donkey who yells not from the weight but the way this guy smells a coward in a shroud of evil is … Continue reading