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The infamous English mud

In the cover of darkness A phantom ship sails From Hinkley Point Power To Penarth in Wales The good ship “SLOEBER” (A puppy of sorts) That can open her belly And share all She sports 2000 tonnes of nuclear mud … Continue reading

A Mother from Fallujah (There but for fortune go you or I)

Illegal invasions of other national countries is a sin against all humanity, the use of depleted uranium and white phosphorus in areas where there are civilians, is to my mind well there are no words, this is a story encompassing one young women’s experience whilst many of us in the USA and UK might have been enjoying ourselves Continue reading

There can never be an argument for the use of Depleted Uranium

I have just tried to capture and express a returning soldiers thoughts on how he sees himself and how he personally knows he has been affected by the use of depleted uranium munitions, and the fact that he was also used as a guinea pig Continue reading