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Bear back riding

Captivity Is cruelty And with cruelty one feels Its a paramount In Russia Where it activity reveals So called entertainment In a circus there Where bears are riding on buffalo’s backs Which will lead to despair Trooping slowly around the … Continue reading

Lock down

As wild tribe members We have rights And human beings At the heights Of their admission And their days Should realise And seek to raise Capacity for understanding Wildness is Really the landing Stage in life It’s who we are … Continue reading


Wild animals in circus Should have been banned by now The Lynx is a shy and solitary soul A circus therefore how Can any so called trainer Ever be that thick Ever be that insensitive And miss every trick To … Continue reading

Wild life tourism in THAILAND

Thailand as a country Uses tourism to earn Cruelty and bad abuse Which is what sadly we learn Is evident and animals Are suffering each day As Thailand tortures Animals and really Makes them pay Misdirection and misteaching Poor judgement … Continue reading

German circus the worst of two worlds

The evil eyes are everywhere In Reutlingen today They call themselves a circus With animals that pay A high price to just to be there Five elephants by name BETTY NANDA TONGA KIMBA AND MAMBO They inflame every sensitivity For … Continue reading

Circus no more exploitation

Wild animals they had no say Predators just had to pay The natural order was one thing But where man was he was the king The jungle kings they had no say Until now they could roar all day Pounce … Continue reading

Zimbabwe’s cruelty knows no bounds

Contrary to any reason Gifted souls we see Are unlawfully captured To be exported tragically Little baby elephants Stolen from their mums Sold to the highest bidder Really just for crumbs No respect whatsoever Unreasoned all the way Unsound and … Continue reading

ZIGGY the elephant ASIA/chicago

BORN 1917 died 27/10/1975 Born in Asia named after Flo Ziegfeld The great American impresario Who bought him from John Ringling In 1920 and Wanted him as a birthday gift For his daughter understand A six year old And and … Continue reading

I am cecil too

He is doing it to music Her white boots and her style It cuts into his poor old feet Torture off the dial Purple lights and laughter She the dancing queen His demeanour says it all Thoroughly obscene Chafing irritation … Continue reading

The big flop

Captivity sucks For all wild creatures who Are subjugated Their whole life times through Thrown into circus A torment refrain Dissatisfaction Despair and disdain Anguished and maltreated Harassed and made To do stupid tricks The whole circus parade An audience … Continue reading