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BearCub training in JIN YINPING CHINA

Circus is a wicked entertainment spectacle And In Jin yi ping in China To make them stand On their hind legs They chain them to the wall Forced their back legs upright And by walking tall Its alien behaviour And … Continue reading

Anne the elephant

Beverly and Janie Were lovely friends of mine Both With moral fibre Noble and divine They were so trustworthy In every single way And ofcourse confined in me How they wanted to stay That Romanian keeper Nitu yes him he … Continue reading

Garden Bros Circus

You are one hundred years too late my friends Wild animals is where it ends Bullhooks such a cowardly tool A weapon that breaks every rule You create captivity Your Asian elephants how can they be Subjected to such enormous … Continue reading

The big FLOP

Supposed entertainment Based on arrogance and grief On ignorance on hollowness And, alas belief It truthfully lacks substance Fictitious in a way Characterless and meaningless Where all the animals pay Circus is a world of difference From reality Its poles … Continue reading


A matriarchal system And a wildness of the heart “sita” an asian elephant Really from the start Ended up in circus No place for any souls Be forced to travel here and there And to take on all sorts of … Continue reading

BO and BETTY and the circus

Pachyderms were never meant to climb On tiny stools Circus is an evil place Where an audience of fools Imagines that wild elephants Would leave their asian home To be chained up in a trailer And not be allowed to … Continue reading

Undertakings must be made

In breeding is a crime against humanity Its evil strangely injurious and wrong Creating the white tiger Leucism pigmentation problems and aadness All along In the wild a tiger must be orange Camouflage allows attAck to be Possible its how … Continue reading

Elephant training

Negative reinforcement programmes Are used For 8 to 10 thousand pounders If they are not abused There is no way on gods earth They ever will do The daf’t circus tricks And That clearly is true Bull hooks electric prods … Continue reading


circus really curiously Installed it’s clowns Hair raisingly The intermission Between acts, their ploy To entertain But not overjoy They came of age With their talents raised With their masks and antics That amazed Children with their wacky stuff But … Continue reading

EMOYA our African dream

We originally came from Africa And were shipped across the sea To Peru yes and to Colombia To circus totally Immersed in all that squalor Beaten black and blue Whipped and beaten with iron bars And all of us were … Continue reading