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The predicament is growing

The “Farley Mowat” crew One Oona Layolle A captain on manoevres Trying to Avert the gaze of artisanal fishermen Who are laying gillnets Illegally, they do Believe their livelihoods Are being ruined But its all tied in with The Totoaba … Continue reading

From the Western Zhou dynasty

what ever you want we stock it These vast platforms are there Working in the shadows on the world wide web They share Every conceivable product From the most evil to the most good Like alibaba and zhuan zhuan And … Continue reading

Animal welfare enters the Chinese high school agenda

Animal welfare China, of all places Offering so far such Awful disgraces Seen through the eyes Of animal rights Who have watched time and time The most squalid of sights As dogs and cats perish Yulin and away Across the … Continue reading

Fresh donkey meat

Lines of frantic donkeys At the roadside waiting Their turn,to be butchered on the spot Imagine that What goes through their minds See them twitching feel the signs Of nervousness and not knowing Where they are at They are innocence … Continue reading

Donkey hide gelatin

JIangsu Zhejiang and Shan dong Have a history I hear Of using donkeys thick hide As a medicine it’s clear It’s been going on for ages But the black donkey is rare So other animals have been used But whose … Continue reading

Three screams

Back in the dusty old annals in China Eating, something rare Gave much to the diner A social standing that was their thought And communal wealth clearly was sought These kind of people had little regard For animal species and … Continue reading

A dog in china

The fate of dogs In China Is as gruesome as can be If they have no registration They are murdered brutally In front of the guardian The chengguan come along And beat the dog with sticks and they fail to … Continue reading

Purely a baby lost in a world of humans

The unworthiness of given life The disdainfulness of man The despicable, beneath contempt Of, the worthless clan China underrates its role On humanities steps when she Allows this evil to go on And not stop it instantly They degrade themselves … Continue reading


Hardly a jade forest This middle kingdom hell Almost seven million live there And wickedness does swell A percentage of the inhabitants Who at Summer Solstice say To create a year of happiness They must always spend their day At … Continue reading

Frog sashimi

The willingness to commit A soul to agony Gratuitously to look upon A way Of maintaining the energy of the living With the so called skills Of death, and by display Creating what we see A kind of stupor An … Continue reading