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Unadulterated fear As far as the eyes can see The heat that’s coming at us Being felt by me An agony where all I know Is rapidly no more All the trees The birds and bees Are in an unholy … Continue reading


A dripping tap of devilry Has taken all I loved away The bloodbath of repetitiveness Must surely now forever stay A stain that grows within my soul A child whose eyes now dare To question the true sanity Of why … Continue reading

Goat tying

What baffles me competely Such disappointment we Have to try to contemplate Disgruntled that we be America is blighted With High School Rodeos And clearly so much true abuse Seen in youth that grows Out of a belief system That … Continue reading

From a childs perspective

From a childs perspective The romance of the sea She looked into his eyes today Imagining that she be Close to one adventurer From perhaps a motley crew Of swashbucklers and she told her mum That her dreams had all … Continue reading

The Duchess of Sussex and her meal in Melbourne

Now we see the precious Royals Consuming Kangaroo She’s pregnant and the bush meat Was hardly good its true Who in their right mind would risk this The great flesh trade of OZ Pushing Roo commercially Really just because It … Continue reading

Boarding schools

A reluctance to be humane And a refusal to care Indisposed and grudging Totally unaware Native children matter They are people of the earth They live where they found Themselves And give back all their worth These boarding schools Of … Continue reading

Hopes and dreams and genocide

Below the lowest of poverty lines And families all destroyed by war The monetary system dismantled A country that lost all its law Genocide ravaged the whole population At least twenty five per cent killed Pol Pot saw to complete … Continue reading

South Africa adversity Around every corner

Living on a knife edge Weary as to how History has potentised And appeared to disallow White South Africans a place Beyond the cut and thrust Beyond the racial murders And utter disgust The brutality and murder It now is … Continue reading

I don’t have kids

I dont have kids But if i did Why on earth would I Allow some greasy doctor Inject them with The lie They tell you and its Mighty bad The sterols the hormones The mercury they really think We’ve had … Continue reading

The forgotten ones

Forgotten children Forgotten by who Forgotten by us Or forgotten by you They came in the daylight My daughter they took Because she was brown With a whitish look SHe was only a baby Tossed into their truck That is … Continue reading