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Babies a very close encounter

A baby child a baby lamb About the same weight I think I am Already feeling a sense of dread That either of these could soon be dead Carnivores the majority Cannibals though few do we see Behind closed doors … Continue reading


Three children The zoo keepers Parents teachers Friends Relatives Whose right whose wrong? Compassion Who defends? FLamingo’s graceful beings Locked up in their stall Slaves to our emotion And what we learn at school Respect has lost its way with … Continue reading

Democratic republic of the CONGO

POverty and impoverishment Creates in man a need To suffer with his family They are owned and robbed indeed Underfed and down at heel Unable to pay ones way So drawn into great dangers Just hopeful they can pay In … Continue reading

The world of tomorrow is littered with sorrow

Other peoples Children in an adult world They are all around us Like us they too are hurled Into the revolution That facebook/twitter life Where some have i pads lap tops i phones And some have only strife Our cast … Continue reading

This child told the emperor KFC to stop

PLay this inside KFC A child so sad in fact to see Her little friend lost to the world Into a spacial hole now hurled She doesnt move Her neck it flops The childs beside herself And stops The mother … Continue reading

Boy hunter

Ok go ahead Shoot the angel that led A beautiful life Then your arrow sped Into its flanks And it let out its scream Your child had just Put an end to the dream Clad in the camouflage Daddy behind … Continue reading

A wolf and a boy

A wolf A boy The innocence of childhood No preconception there Injustice never entered The narrow minded stare There is no unintelligence Discretion is the tool Appreciativeand measured The discovery of all Persauded by ones destiny To befriend wild souls … Continue reading

Tears and grime

When they are down and out and lonely No parents around No one wants to know a child Who just Sleeps on the ground Where ever really he is Thats where he beds down Preferably somewhere sheltered In a shop … Continue reading

Life and Death

What is that state of consciousness And the mannishment of sin The moral sensibility For me is wearing thin Impressionable behaviour An indifference in this world Insentient a trance like state In which children are hurled It is indeed a … Continue reading

Poor baby

WAR is raw It’s profit based Rich sods The gods of now She is breathing She is still alive But one might now ask how? A baby doesn’t know she is Syrian Just that she is a soul Lying in … Continue reading