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Meat = dead flesh and profits not prophets

Factory farms have spread across This country pretty fast Huge scale indoor facilities That state of affairs is cast Far and wide with hundreds Of animals inside Really a robotic rise Which farmers have denied Cows in fields munching on … Continue reading

Life being geared solely around profitability

Existence when tied into profit And commerce Sees realness and basics And enduring scenes Processes back up as The Covid Pandemic Clogs up the cogs and essentially we See a shut down in plants As staff catch the virus Whole … Continue reading

Don’t call us voiceless we have cried ourselves dry

When you are wild as the wind You don’t want to be Under the scape into pliancy Submissive and bowing Ingratiation Ready to grovel And stoop for salvation Man has that habit Of expecting that we Kowtow to him When … Continue reading

“It could be the end of us all”

The lies they tell us continually Are believed it seems to me The tonnes of antibiotics That are not used Painfully Are being use continually Ionophores in feed It is a serious business And what makes disease succeed The British … Continue reading

Greed pure and simple

Scrimping pinching scraping Pennywise and miserly Covetous and rapacious Retentive grudging niggardly These are just some of the words That modern man says he Can utilize in his gambling hours And create such emnity Arrogance and haughtiness Blatancy and brash … Continue reading

The piglet that sang and all the chickens joined in

Will they ever forgive us The question is now on our lips Will we get a free pardon When we move from porkchops onto chips Should we now beg their indulgence Will they indulge us with grace Will we get … Continue reading

Duck hunting in Australia (victoria,south australia,tasmania and privately in NSW)

Apparently there is joy Amongst Duck Hunters When the season starts They are out there Killing, they Use 12 bore shot guns Buy their permits And shoot these lovely ducks Its the greatest sport or so they say Every hunter … Continue reading


Imagine it its an hour or two yea infact beyond Noon that is on Christmas Day Where everyone is fond Of eating a roasted bird That wanted to live , but we Decided it was time to leave this mortal … Continue reading


Free range and battery Thats who we are Wild as the wind Or penned up real far From the nearest farmyard Over the hill Down by the lake Its there where they kill The turkeys the geese the chickens The … Continue reading

Captivity lost

Tentatively sliding down The ramp to freedom where an open space And a Joyous place Are waiting for them there 2 pigs saved from the slaughterhouse Imagine that can you Can you really imagine that I mean what would you … Continue reading

Tysons chickens a life of 42 days each one Hell

No one would believe the hell they go through This is not what life’s about for sure Birds designed with wings are meant for flying For flapping for some space its natural law But factory farms are camps of concentration … Continue reading

The Easter Chick is no more

In this world where production Creates an induction of process The ill fated reasoning comes That male chicks are useless In the absence of markets For them theres no future Only the sums One loses or makes Emotional candour For … Continue reading

Chicken who you calling chicken?

Asda’s really going through the mangle Their chickens seemingly bunged up with stuff Campylobacter seems to want to get amongst them 80per cent of them that’s really tough Cooped up in those massive sheds is something Living in their own … Continue reading

Even at Easter we cannot escape your cruelty

I am one of those little chicks all fluffy and yellow that’s me I kind of chirp a bit its true for just born I’m so  happy the problem is a that I’m a boy and boys do not lay … Continue reading

Chickety chickety

My names is chickety I am a chick I’m so excited that this place I did pick out of the window what do I see a big bright blue sky its a good place to be I’m in the hatchery … Continue reading

Tweet Tweet

If we really are the voiceless how come twitter does exist? when you send your message our tweet you do enlist the sounds of tiny birds in fact a dichotomy of sort for the billions of us slaughtered but missing … Continue reading