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The ancient men

Dreamtime from the wild imaginations Inventiveness the empathy of soul Insight in an imagery of paintings Rhapsodical and grace like their control Ancestral eyes are peering from the heavens Fabled faces sun drenched wrinkled so Make believe is everything we … Continue reading

Armadillo’s and Bushmeat

Brazil is up there Towering above the others Bushmeat there From Armadillos can Bring into the human population leprosy thats where it all began Anyone who eats it once or twice a month Is open to the bacterium for sure … Continue reading


In Africa The people are the culprits The taste of the domesticaled souls Do not become as sought after As the wild souls of the forest Huge quantities are being killed Whose roles Fed into biodiversity and environments And what … Continue reading

Ngangkari healers

Kindred spirits Tribal clan AUstaloid Since life began An eminence and supremacy A true command And discovery The Ngangkari healers Apparently Have reached Adelaide, And now they see Their primitiveness And all who be Open to the ancients And all … Continue reading

The Kaurareg

Aboard the cutter “America” From Sydney to Brisbane Which hit the Madjn Reef near Horn And was never seen again The crew it seems all drowned Including the captain he Captain Thompson died in front of his Wife apparently She … Continue reading

KOA And bush tucker

A true resoluteness A stoutness of heart Knowing what is precious And how much apart You are from the masses Where concrete and glass And corporate tension Tears into ones class Where the vapid snd colourless Drabness evolves Where prolixity … Continue reading