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Blue badge saga 24

Instinctive characteristics inherited and innate knowledge  from the Mother surely it is  great and not an ounce of arrogant thought Nor ignorance come to that Nature casts an informative eye and that is where she is at   deep rooted … Continue reading

INDEX for The Blue DressSaga 25

24/3 introduction to the blue dress saga 1 alchemy and blue dress 2 Embrace Nature 3 a walk in the forest 4 light is the gift we share 5 hedgerows 6 springtime 7 Dawn Chorus 8 Wildness 9 the Moles … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 23

They were blind  they were helpless their little spines soft 3 tiny babies  we held them aloft our eye sight was not that great we don’t see the light in my compost heap palace and all this in spite of … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 22 a garden choir

Wind instruments and heartbeats the buzzing of the bee’s swaying grasses rustling reeds a gentle summer breeze  a scuttling of a lady mouse a gentle sliding snail dancing stalks and bursting buds create this gentle tale of wonderment of discovery … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 21

It’s really very sad for us    for all of us agree human beings get all het up  with us apparently   its not as if we are dangerous  we actually do them good we get rid of the nasty … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 20

Today we travel magically to Ecuador On the apron of the jungle there we found a very complex colony of  Atta Cephalotes leaf cutter ants whose city did abound   my blue dress on  today  experiencing travel over the Andes … Continue reading

Come fly with me blue dress saga 19

Come fly with me Dear Dawn come see the magic that we share be party to our wonderland and listen to our prayer from egg to caterpillar from chrysalis to now we are given wings to fly to kingdoms far … Continue reading

Aphid kingdoms 18.

Three millimetres  the smallest yet  But with  my blue dress on  well it did let  me shrink down  rapidly  to their size and obviously then realise On different plants essentially How sophisticated  they really be   Beans and Cabbags Peach … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 17 a wood lice tour

Silent souls sensitive souls serenity their thing arthropods of significance predominantly they bring An  Aquatic group into their being the lobsters and the crabs whose bodies when covered in water they can breathe which kind of grabs the ability to … Continue reading

Blue dress saga16

Faery rings upon the lawn The Gastropods asked  to see DAWN in her blue dress  And so she came  learning  lots and  feeling game gaining an  insight into our world into the  space where we were hurled   the molluscs … Continue reading

Blue dress saga 15

I tore my dress the other day down by Hawthorn  cottage where I met up with  The Witch  Called  Flo And her folk tale fairies fair some months  before they had made my dress of midnight blue  with grasses spun with … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 14

Today I am so excited  to be going to the hives actually going right  inside  to see how it survives The  rigours  of each  moment. all the new five g. the cell phone towers and the tetra not  forgetting LED … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 13

Arthropods are everywhere under our feet and in the air we are into May and a choral  ring its the beautiful music  that does bring a lilt to the heart  for  where magic rules a stillness  is locked between four … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 12

One of those drones was in the sky this morning the police  some over  zealously believe whirring overhead That we’d all feel threatened but in  my nice blue dress I could achieve I came to see the Hare Family big … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 11

Most avid Gardeners’ Know of one friend Who often observes them Hoping to lend An ear it’s the Robin His breast rosey red Who will watch you intently At your raised bed With my blue dress on I cut to … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 10

Shadows come dancing Bluebells and all Light infused greenery At the wooded ball Vast serenades Of lustre and blue Patches of May Show what Hawthorn can do Vistas of cerise Boughs heaving too With bounteous blossoms What fragrances do To … Continue reading

The blue dress sage 9

A feature I found When wearing my dress Was when I met up with Wild souls I confess Not only was I invisible to Humans I took on a diminutive View It was to Roll Rights I wanted to go … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 8

A sea of bells bluer Cyanic and true A great undulation Of sapphires on view Look to the horizon Between the tall trees The ice and the powder The ubiquitous Bee’s Waves of true vastness Eternity rolls Incessant and flowing … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 7

I Woke very early To a Dawn chorus where The male birds were Singing they wake up, they share When the mornings are still And the traffic is low It is then that their voices Reach further you know The … Continue reading

The Blue dress saga 6

The sky had that blueness Forget-me-knots they Like fairies hold hands And seemingly play Stretching their woad like Littleness too Supporting each other In all that they do Each happy face Staring into the sun Overwhelmed by the Spring time … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 5

In my blue dress I met a real stranger Sitting alone on a gate Philosophising apparently Why his world was in such a state The sea side he came from Had all been locked down Deserted it was quite still … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 4

Light is my gift And this mornings delight Such resplendence A stillness With Colours so bright Blossoms and buds And murmurings peep Tiny wee leaves Wake up from their sleep With a freshness and boldness Each bud is aflame Tiny … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 3

Perhaps the most pleasant of afternoons I put on my blue dress and go Out for a walk in the forest And the fields all about That I know A radiant sun will be smiling With the bluest of skies … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 2

When I wear my dress of blue And black the night sky flowing free The magical reveals within The privilege it does begin It really feels unbelievable A constancy that thrillingly Embraces other worlds away auspicious and propitiously An almost … Continue reading

The blue dress saga 1

My dress feels really something else It’s so magical and free Clinging to my figure It so really does suit me It has a peaceful energy Symbolising constancy And I get some thought transference As if it’s really alchemy A … Continue reading

A blue dress day introduction

A blue dress day is coming And perceptibility Increases with great prominence For its where I want to be Walking quietly in the woods My field of vision clear Unmistakable sights to see An not an ounce of fear Tangible … Continue reading