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A silver spoon in the mouth of those

A silver spoon in the mouth of those Lobbyists Who do propose The reintroduction of neonicoinoids Bee killing pesticides That Good sense avoids Why on earth are we prepared To sacrifice and not be scared Of murdering the precious Bee … Continue reading


To be a bee Is not easy Tiny wings A body bigger Flying off to Find the pollen Rain and Wind and EMF Tetra micro waves a plenty Agaricides and DDT Keepers, Reapers and even Sleepers Funny, honey Humans see … Continue reading

Insufficient evidence

Insufficient evidence That’s the judgement here A lack of understanding Of the foresight and the fear We who are the wild ones Birds and mammals we Will suffer as life gets tougher Than we every hoped it could be An … Continue reading


Don’t argue with “Rumble” He tumbles and bumbles Around otherwise It just makes him grumble And apparently stumble His wings being too small For his body size When he lands on a bramble The thorns make him gamble Not amble … Continue reading

Alfonzo Perez and the vandals

100 hives were stored at Mike Hickenbottoms place Belonging to Alfonzo Perez It was their winter base Leased to do the pollination Of various Almond trees But on a Saturday morning Were vandalised and the bees Around 200,000 were murdered … Continue reading

Eating honey does you proud yea you stick out in the crowd

Realness factuality The Bee is undeniably A workerholic a loving soul Enduring in complete control Essential to the pollination Attested as our true salvation The dilemma modern man And the corporate fools Who just began To take advantage Of all … Continue reading


Creation for me Turned out badly Born as a dog That was I Nobody wanted me And that was a pain So thrown in a dumpster to die Found by a family called Leonard Taken home rescued so I Had … Continue reading

A bee sees

For thousands of years the laws of the Bee Have well hardly changed from what we can see Combs have been built in a fantastic way Architests chemists and engineers say The couldnt better the work of the Bee On … Continue reading

a bee’s lament for a coming year of more slavery

Our golden trumpets Blessed by some The frenzied bumbles Who may hum The refined sugar That was left Instead of the bounty Of the bereft How much we slaved Collecting, we Covered in adversity Miracles they were the Bee But … Continue reading

RIver Bend San Francisco

The nobility of the wild and free With a pedigree and an ancestry In a rustic space where every face Has humility its just wants to be Part of the whole conceived of soul Unpretentiously its role Inoffensive unassuming Unseen … Continue reading

Bee food

A hive of activity Does spring to mind An incredible cycle of souls Their givenness exploited By man unkind Who takes on a brute Of the roles Each Bee apparently It Knows its role And gives its Undying support and … Continue reading


her inherent potentiality Endowed with magic she Transcending all of nature Such a temperament we see With every changing circumstance Each opportunity She takes and makes her way in life With total constancy She’s remarkable and amazing Though her life … Continue reading

Mycellium and the Bees

Observation quietly seeing The naked eye of being Perceive discern distinguish The lovely honey bee Who comes to sample mycellium Beside their favourite tree And why do you suppose they do that For their magical quality? Or that it combats … Continue reading

A’s B’s someone seize the moment

Lots of lame excuses Why bees decide that they Should drop down in some field somewhere And pass the time of day Why would they forage madly Soaking up our crap bayer’s chemical poison That rapidly does wrap Around their … Continue reading


Neonics kill our precious Bees already they are on their knees Shell and Bayer have proved to be very dangrous for the Bee   bee colony collapse appears heightening the peoples fears Shell and Bayer have to see there is … Continue reading

The power of love v the extent of evil

The human tribe tend to imbibe thoughts that they can be the most intelligent souls on earth but its not true actually take the Bee’s for example they have what most men don’t possess a instinctive bond within them selves … Continue reading

Deception catches everyone out in the end( even the perpetrators)

The case of broad based pesticides is an arrogance producers did this to increase their sales a larger market accounts for less specifics and born out of the balance sheet derails the truest of emotion in creation Nature knows best, … Continue reading

Cell Phone radiation and its long term effects on the Planet( and more especially the Bee’s)

Electro magnetic frequencies are affecting Earth every creature on it feels its power from birth and knows its strength these Cell phone Towers present such danger, and morning noon and night transmitting o’re the land bees and song birds and … Continue reading

The wild earthlings need us so ( this is their final hour we must make that difference)

Tears are all I have left in my arsenal where woe, and Wolves have got a bad press as many of you know ranchers have the money they’ve slaughtered herds of cows wolves are the apex predators they while away … Continue reading

Bee’s are under pressure from something

Agaricides formation sheets and cell phones contributory factors in all these bee zones clearly the mites and all of these problems are out in the open each day its hard to imagine the world is a place where Neonicotinoids do … Continue reading

Bees and Neonicotinoids

It is the Bee and end all! Its no good hiving off our responsibilities any longer Continue reading