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The dishonesty and rascality Of blaming badgers constantly Knowing really your husbandry Is anything but done thoughtfully God made cows great, his ungulates God made milk, female traits Infant nutrition was the reason but men know best and every season … Continue reading

A set pattern does not lead to a bright future

It’s back to front It’s pure inversion An undermining Revolution The badger wild soul Sett in stone Stands his ground And though alone Takes on the arrogant farmer who Lies through his back teeth Nothings true When TB really is … Continue reading

Badger Boy

Of mortal fear and terror Where the sett is home to be A badger bold though timid In his perfect sanctuary Valour is a key word in his vital armoury A brave face to the outside world Flushed by tenacity … Continue reading

Welsh Badgers

Seemingly Welsh Badgers Don’t stand an earthly anymore Being blamed for infecting cattle With TB Where is natural law Ofcourse it makes No earthly difference All the animals will be killed Cattle at the abattoir Where So much blood ofcourse … Continue reading

Woodland friends

Little souls of the woodland ways Entities that always raise A stir within the forests dark Small ofcourse but who leave their mark Confrontations ofcourse they be And originality Deers may clip the seedlings trying Rabbits squirrels voles and mice … Continue reading

The enchanted ones

Wonderland clearly can be anywhere A mysterious place Where the wild ones may share Imaginary and bewildering Creatures abiding Exquisite and worthy And always confiding In copses and glens In tunnels in setts Where the earth weird and wonderful Surely … Continue reading

They walk in our midst

Theres and unsightly hideousness Sharing our spaces Their countenance countrified Forbidding faces Land owners farmers Bumpkins maybe The rustic the caustic Bloodlusting they be Throwbacks to an age Medieval before People took heed of the ways Of the law Respect … Continue reading

Farmer fraudsters

It happened in mid wales Or so someone said A farmer his business Was failing which led Him to inject his cows With red diesel to see If it messed up the readings On what was TB It was for … Continue reading

Badger baiters

Its priority crime Badger baiting today Its against the law When it happens All pay The baiters Their dogs And the badgers as well Who mostly are tortured And treated like hell Beastly intent Spitefulness rules This a blood sport … Continue reading

Lady Gaga in Bulgaria

Materialism personified Irreverent and wrong To wallow in the death of others Perverted all along Self-centred and uncaring Acquisitive denial Fifty beautiful badgers Someone did defile A lily livered trapper A sinful dark display A transgression of the boudaries Apparently … Continue reading

Laying traps for badgers

An ancestral home Where wonderment And countryside expertise Generates a home of homes Where brocks can carefully ease Their bodies Through dug tunnels In sandy soil or clay On slopes or hillsides Close to woodland To find some peace and … Continue reading

Murdering badgers on the basis of lies

The mirage of deceptiveness Spreads across our land And clearly makes a mockery That some cant understand The hunter and the hounds Who now illegally still ply The countryside spread the TB As some wild foxes die There is a … Continue reading

Bruins ruin

Huntsmen give the impression they are snooty Such nobility always on the right side Of the law full on integrity Its their sense of honour Being top knotch but we know Anyone caught hunting foxes Is in my book really … Continue reading

Leaving rollrights 5/11 driving back to berkhamsted

Before the full moon came to be The darkness was intense The unilluminated roads Really made no sense Turning into the little lane To meet the Oxford road I realised the stygian gloom Was not in the highway code Driving … Continue reading

Badgers are not as bad as they are made out to be

Science and the public Know a thing or two Farmers on the other hand Are not altogether true 15,000 badgers have been Murdered in the field And this year the figures are growing So on more lies they now build … Continue reading


Rumbling tumbling cows that go bumbling Herds of them critters that dwell on the grass The existence of Brocks indestructible flocks Nocturnal beings in a different class Well-grounded physical genuine ferals Culled for no purpose but hearsay I fear Pasture … Continue reading

The forest of angels

Behold the timeless forest Great drama we may see The players clad in their own skins Coming out to be Themselves among the sentinels The dancing spirits who Shake their leaves like tambourines To the beat thats often true There … Continue reading

They say its a miracle whatever that is

A blackout curtain was all young Jack Was ever able to see Nothing else was evident Such totality Behind his home was a forest And from his home a path Smelling the different smells he could And hearing his great … Continue reading


A subtle swish of horror On a yuletide canvas where A joyful picture is unrolled For all of us to share A father in the garden Erecting the trampoline not without some difficulty But we see the coming scene Whereupon … Continue reading

Channelled via the BADGERS

The set of our horror tale Comes from the wild From the counties of England All so called self styled Places of honour Of privilege for The wild folk who live and abound In the raw In the damp Demostration … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Cori

They live within the earth We walk upon and deep inside Their realness and positivity Its where they live and hide Their truest characteristics So grounded are they, their Use of sloping pastureland And Their setts in which they share … Continue reading

The murder of our wild life by the powers to be

The cull of badgers clearly has Momentum so we hear Cameron has pledged to carry on The blood sports here Fox hunting and hare coursing Deers and wild birds too That is why they were created For the rich to … Continue reading

Wild animals losing their habitat to sicko corporates

The countryside we frequent has been home To many souls The wild ones who were put there To take on all their roles We thats human beings imagine we can do Anything we ruddy want and clearly that’s now true … Continue reading

Is it all over

Is it now all over The insanity of it all The elite and the corporations Are apparently going to rule Our country for another reign Of terror that we know The foxes and the badgers And the fracking all will … Continue reading

Saboteur’s v Hunters

Who gives them the right to kill Wild souls, I have to ask Blood sports are a violence That should now be brought to task It doesn’t help their case at all The so called hunting clan These sod’s who … Continue reading

Cameron and the badger boys

David Cameron likes his hot pork sausages And likes beef burgers And his turkey steak Badgers he’s been led to believe Give cows the heebie TB And on that crap alas Well for his sake The farmers are a bunch … Continue reading

The Badger boys and Princess Anne

These so called royals who parade about in their riches and their gowns I have a dissociation all that money drowns out their lack of sympathy and their  sponaneity off hand ad hoc remarks to press ill thought out  they … Continue reading

Common purpose and the Badgers

Clearly the common purpose was to set the `Badgers tasks get them out of harms way  and all armed with hot flasks of hedge hog wine and field mice ears and in that drunken state they would be deep in … Continue reading

Badgers Extending the cull

Extending the cull is a foolish idea it just makes no sense its panic and fear the fact its not working and that your losing face is what its about and thats the disgrace Badgers are worthy of much more … Continue reading

The Cull

The cull of Badgers goes on our wild life seemingly decimated for no reason other than to see Badgers killed as to whether its stops Bovine Tb from slaughtering the cattle frankly now to me it never was the reason … Continue reading