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Notre Dame

A conundrum exists In so many hearts The twin towers suggests Something more Watching the images The exposition The prejudices In the raw A great church Is burning What misunderstanding The fire going Against the flow 800 year oaks dont … Continue reading

April jasmine an opera played out in silence

Jasmine green A ballerina Emerging from the stem Pirouette’s whose golden fingers Hold a future gem A starlit curl of blossom A scent to captivate Wind and rain and gentleness Resulting from the wait The honest truth abundantly As myriad … Continue reading

The ancient men

Dreamtime from the wild imaginations Inventiveness the empathy of soul Insight in an imagery of paintings Rhapsodical and grace like their control Ancestral eyes are peering from the heavens Fabled faces sun drenched wrinkled so Make believe is everything we … Continue reading

Minding their own business

A great big orange sky A golden sun just starts to fall Ox peckers giving rise to flight Hunting comes the call A watering hole And loads of tracks A half an hour or more It could be fifty yards … Continue reading

A poem for a twitter friend from Avalon

The woods have many varied splendours Hiding in the shadows where Foxes and badgers voles and shrews And even the illusive Hare Whose magick is all supposing Bestower of such light Whose ebulliance and affection Can be observed at night … Continue reading

Try me

Why I say try me Humanity Has a golden rule The crusader we be With a missionary spirit A conscience to pry And To be more benevolent Which surely is why To use obligation To forgive and forget To use … Continue reading


To the instinctive weaver I pledge my heart and soul Designer and creator Whose silks suggest a role Scaffoldings of tensile strength Suggestions of a way Perhaps to attract the opposite sex To follow and to play Attached along this … Continue reading

SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romontus)

Government of the people Particularly of ROME A mind of great philosophy Where Romans call their home A city of great variation Artistic to the fore Where laws are made But are broken By the Romans who are sure The … Continue reading


“The loves of the gods” Above us Extending with great soul Annibale Carracci Took on this splendid role It was known as mannerism A technique of artisty 11 years of dedication And perfect synergy The frescoe’s they were beautiful Immaculate … Continue reading


She hails out of Kentucky From Nippa I was told For a couple of thousand dollars A black giraffe quite old Unable now to mate, we hear So a prime target she Stalked the poor old bugger And shot it … Continue reading