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The forgotten ones

Forgotten children Forgotten by who Forgotten by us Or forgotten by you They came in the daylight My daughter they took Because she was brown With a whitish look SHe was only a baby Tossed into their truck That is … Continue reading

Australia’s forgotten people

The drone of the didge And the clap of the sticks Where the termites exist The goanna licks His lips giving thanks For the bird he has eaten The people have power But they have been beaten Down by the … Continue reading

An Aboriginie

Invisible only To those who won’t feel Those guardians Who have been ever so real Creators of truth In a land dry and old Where the music is drawn From the stories untold Their culture was vast Their totems were … Continue reading

Aunty Ro

The right of the underdogs in this world In the massive arena where each is hurled There are warrior angels who do their thing And safeguard the voiceless and try to bring Some sanity back instinctively Use understanding and try … Continue reading

Sick zoo’s in Thailand

The continued artlessness And unworldly bias Is conflating zoology Now with a way Of increasing profit With recourse to care And abusing the animals Resident there Great apes Orangutans Persons of the forest Arboreal apes Who live in tHe trees … Continue reading

The great voyage to mexico

Steel yourselves Open your eyes this Easter Sunday where The majestic Monarch Butterfly in tall trees Needs to share Its unbelievable freedom With the masses around a bout Flying to secret sanctuaries In Mexico Lets shout out their name Let … Continue reading

Monarchs deserve better

Creation is an art form Beyond our compass where Life forms fill the swelling skies And all around can share Their beauty and their gentleness Fluttering at a height Faeries of the forest Born to bring delight The Monarch its … Continue reading

Butterflies soon will not flutter by

Pandering to the chemical giants The brain dead super rich America feels confident Truthfully now to pitch Its love of the likes of Monsanto Against our creative god The fight against BIG PHarma Who doesnt give a sod For life … Continue reading

Rajah’s Makaibari

The miracle that was Makaibari Took on an exciting turn A realization A philosophy of existence So as to learn An undeniable positive What may have appeared a dream In the mind of a giant With an enduring stream That … Continue reading


Cloaks of vernal chlorophyll From my friend the daffodil Who emerges with such meaning To open up in Spring Each bloom as a rule Gives me its sweet call And with utter harmony Its honesty does sing a consensus of … Continue reading