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You want my skin my pelt my fur God given wealth perhaps we were Each created for different climes Which Possibly you might concur You have skin why take mine Its true mines thicker But yours is fine But adding … Continue reading

Gangarru (honour and respect)

Respect is sadly lacking For Creation and beyond The philosophy of existence The realness and the bond We have with factuality Our great mother for she And her enduring priciples Are perpetually Reminding us totemism Is linked to dreamtime and … Continue reading


A silver truck Passing the buck A painter man by trade Is this an illusion To me his motives fade His pet desire is killing Our iconic kangaroo Delusion are the keywords here Such sophistry seems true I see all … Continue reading

Aesthetics of Japan and how they deal with it in Taiji

Regulariy Rhythmical A harmony of sorts Transient its natures way Of contemplating thoughts The ocean And its inhabitants An integral part of life Taiji and its fisherfolk Set to,to harbour strife The true wholeness of nature The ethic that abounds … Continue reading

Borroloola and fracking

They consider us voiceless But we all have a heart We all have spirit Our wish is to impart On the goverment here And the fracking concerns That this is our land And this fracking well burns Us all, everyone … Continue reading

Stonehenge and its mysteries

A succession of people Devided in time Look back on this monument Most in their prime Consider the theories warranting thought Their energies meaningful And clearly sought They stare at prehistory’s Workings and feel How has it happened No one … Continue reading

A turkey portrait

A living artists palette Indigo azure Your coat of many colours Sapphire with a pure Gentian cardinal damask Ashen dapple grey The colours only GAIA ever Could infact display Cinnabar and madder A blush a flush a glow Stripes of … Continue reading


Burning Polluting Our personal space With imported chemicals Right in our face Its nothing but scandalous That is my view We destroy all thats good That is what we do We mimic a war With the cannons and sprays With … Continue reading

The pollutive firework phenomena

Tradition and Culture Are words that are used These days unfortunately They are abused Animals slaughtered in rings In Spain and elsewhere The gushing of blood Into vile dark despair The fifth of November The gunpowder plot Guy Fawkes and … Continue reading


Full time hero Of the ocean Fundraiser for Sea Shepherd who Patrols the seas in equal number A defender good and true I loved the glimpse of Mother Nature With her seagreens cast about The tiny frog red eyed and … Continue reading