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Birthday citations 6/4/2017

Happy birthday beautiful man. Here are some words for you for a change! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Once upon a time, there was a beautiful soul. He cared so deeply, and so passionately, that he had to put all his love and passion … Continue reading

What goes on in one’s head

Perceptivity and awareness The aestetics of a cause The sensation and impression Its bound to make one pause Being sentient and sensitive To pain and tenderness To wake up to one’s senses And try hard not to stress There is … Continue reading

Intelligible to them

They had developed clarity For living on the land Gave them the exposure Which helped them understand They had that visible evidence The horizon they could see It all was recognizable Eye-catching strikingly And they possessed true intellect Reasoning power … Continue reading

The great henge of stone

Local stone Great dolmens Erected stressed and we Can not only feel the weight Upon those shoulders But can see The smaller stones Important too Relegated there The altar stone so magnificent Suggesting all were aware From the Prescelly Mountains … Continue reading

DAPL/FRACKING/the Indigenous/and WATER

We are our own adversity We make it by the day We never listen to our hearts And for that so many pay It feels like a continual struggle With hardship all the way Rollercoaster emotions And never a sunny … Continue reading

FASHION The passion thereof

It makes no sense At all to use The abuse of animals who Creation gave them a thicker skin In cold climes this is true Human beings fashion statements Really to beguile Do not need To kill animals For skin … Continue reading

London Fashion Week

Morality apparently Is all but gone On The cat walk where Bean pole models Pale as driven snow They ply to share Fashion thats the statement Designers that is those A cut above the high street They just get up … Continue reading

Balloons in the sky guarantee we will die

A flexible bag Inflated with gas Tied with a ribbon or with string A great mass From Apple now floats High in the sky To deflate at some time And then just to lie Somewhere who knows where On land … Continue reading

Dakota Pipeline just north of Hell

Trump its there And signs Away Treaty land Yes they can pay BISMARCK took objection to The routing lines So what they did do Was took it closer To the reservation The sioux wont mind Its near their station The … Continue reading

The black snake cometh and we goeth

Razor wire And robocops Thats the life thats guaranteed The planet reeling From the oil The coal The fracking YES Indeed The thugs The Dapla security Paid with dirty oil money AMerica land of the free Oil pipes leaking Constantly … Continue reading