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Helena’s Oak

Into the underworld with me A tree of life so avidly Breathing light And rooted stock Into this meadow good and green Not only Helena has seen Such resplendence And adorning power And a leap of faith Born of the … Continue reading

The King

Inspired by my lovely friend Maria The king can bring us anything And can wing it for a few With his glorious mane Has so much to gain When like this he looks at you In his myriad of colours … Continue reading

Kanga RULE

This being The case The great human race Can never keep pace With the ROO Being too far ahead Its true lots are dead But idealism won through An undenible fact So many react Stubbornly brutishly They Have been soldiers … Continue reading

Monet and his en plein air

Prolific Such exuberance With his riot of colour he Created an impressionistic True philosophy Boudin was his mentor Who Encouraged him To see things that were real To really see and to really be In effect the honest deal He … Continue reading

Japan and African Ivory

Yahoo Japan is very very lenient With trade on ivory sales spparently Despite Rakuten closing down its platform YAhoo could not care less it seems to me The elephant should be much more respected The criminals we know are everywhere … Continue reading

Tongue tied

Tongues are very sensitive And horses think so too So tying them under the chin Is not the thing to do Its all about control Riders like to interfere But clearly its an invasion Of ones freedom And that is … Continue reading


It stands there In all its glory Is that the word to use 7000 oil drums Are there any clues To why its there Christo and Jean Claude Those two apparently Created this piece of art For all of us … Continue reading

Mythago Morris

Fantasy tradition Just listen and you will hear The tales of myth and magick As the dancing folk appear Clad there in black tatters Old England border style Purveyors of great stories Just you listen for a while Characterization Narration … Continue reading

“Faithful unto death”

What rationality could horses expect Engaged in war Made to fight an enemy And be cut down for sure Up against the machine guns And the enemy who would aim At the horses everytime As history did claim Their fear … Continue reading

Aunty Ro Mudjin a pal o’ mine

The existence of creation The importance of its worth The undeniable history Played around Mother Earth The immortal the enduring The sum and substance we Share with the perpetual The complex and the free Tangible and solid Grounded everywhere Heartbreaking … Continue reading