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To the instinctive weaver I pledge my heart and soul Designer and creator Whose silks suggest a role Scaffoldings of tensile strength Suggestions of a way Perhaps to attract the opposite sex To follow and to play Attached along this … Continue reading

SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romontus)

Government of the people Particularly of ROME A mind of great philosophy Where Romans call their home A city of great variation Artistic to the fore Where laws are made But are broken By the Romans who are sure The … Continue reading


“The loves of the gods” Above us Extending with great soul Annibale Carracci Took on this splendid role It was known as mannerism A technique of artisty 11 years of dedication And perfect synergy The frescoe’s they were beautiful Immaculate … Continue reading


She hails out of Kentucky From Nippa I was told For a couple of thousand dollars A black giraffe quite old Unable now to mate, we hear So a prime target she Stalked the poor old bugger And shot it … Continue reading

A baby saved

A baby pure and simple Unable still to run As feisty as the day is long His coat just looks home spun Just saved from the slaughterhouse Imagine that will you? The angels came and stopped them Killing him yes … Continue reading

Agaricus fly a magickal tale for Jan Vlonk

In the far off shrouds Where great mists and clouds Were born of forests dark In September they Where green ivy’s climb And where nature gifts Do stray Under Birch and Pine We can see a sign Of the magickal … Continue reading

Helena’s Oak

Into the underworld with me A tree of life so avidly Breathing light And rooted stock Into this meadow good and green Not only Helena has seen Such resplendence And adorning power And a leap of faith Born of the … Continue reading

The King

Inspired by my lovely friend Maria The king can bring us anything And can wing it for a few With his glorious mane Has so much to gain When like this he looks at you In his myriad of colours … Continue reading

Kanga RULE

This being The case The great human race Can never keep pace With the ROO Being too far ahead Its true lots are dead But idealism won through An undenible fact So many react Stubbornly brutishly They Have been soldiers … Continue reading

Monet and his en plein air

Prolific Such exuberance With his riot of colour he Created an impressionistic True philosophy Boudin was his mentor Who Encouraged him To see things that were real To really see and to really be In effect the honest deal He … Continue reading