Poor pigs

I have no idea what happened
At the North East German farm
50O00 baby piglets
And their mothers came to harm
5000 worn out tired and slumbering
Their brethren numbering ten
Perished in a major fire
On Tuesday that was when
They didn’t stand and earthly chance
The ventilator shafts
Where there is air
Fire burns like hell
As we are all aware

Whatever people think about
Pigs are clever, they
Have their wits about them
So facing the dismay
Of all losing their babies
The terror in their hearts
All those frightened piglets
Really fits and starts

The rigidty and discipline
Apparently was poor
Only 1300 survived
I am not sure
whether sows or piglets
All I can surely say
Is all those mothers with their
Children who couldn’t get away

All dying together
Screams that filled the hour
Born to burn
no creature needs
This end to be
for where it leads
To Heaven one hopes
where angels be
Rather than the slaughterhouse
Also painfully

Dispatched their lives
so very cheap
They are beautiful beings
And they would weep
The fear the flames
the smoke and death
Imagine it
fighting for breath
Watching your mother burning
It is beyond us
I am sure our hearts go out to them
For really its no way

To die as for the farm and why it happened
We must wait
To me it doesn’t feel right
Lets hope they find the reason
For no soul deserves this fate

I can hear them crying
The terror of it all
Blubbering and whimpering
Crowding against the wall
Begging to be rescued
The uneasiness and disquiet
Its really hard to write this
Because its just not right.


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