This day and age

DNR’s, the stasi and Hitler
Might agree
Watch a sickly patient dying
And be told that she
Must be left to perish
Resuscitation No
You are no samaritan
Your a tory don’t you know

Learning disabilities, people
Who might not cry
Out for help just leave them
Let the buggers die
Hippocrates would turn
So fast
At revolution speed
To hear the brilliant NHS
Where its seen as a good deed

OAP’s someone’s old mum
Choking all alone
Leave her to her peril
She is cold feels like a stone
The state can save on pension
The more the merrier, they
Can deny us care and see us die
More and more each day.

Put it down to Covid
Add them to the list
The more that die
More lock downs
I mean we can’t resist
Its money for the government
Keep adding all the time
They may have worked hard all of their lives
But now there is no rhyme

Or reason to prolong their lives
On benefits they be
Let them rot cremate them
The state don’t need to see
Them hanging around shop doorways
Or Begging in the street
DNR’s are the answer
So say the elite

You cannot see your mum and dad
But they are dying arn’t they, he
Asked the nurse i need to say goodbye to them
They be
Passing into heaven
I need just one more time
To see them, bugger off I am told
Or we will call the police on thee

Rest In Peace to all the parents
The thousands of them lost
Pensions saved and going towards
The aliens that cost
Five star hotels 3 good meals
Old parents our disgrace
If there is a hell somewhere
Lets the perpetrators face

Them when their time comes and it will
Perhaps sooner than they think
Already nursing home staff must be vaccinated
Chickens coming home to roost maybe

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