Sunnyside Pri

We take so much for granted
And children as we grow
Lets liken ourselves to saplings
Who in a forest show
The richness of the fabric
Some may never see
Never feel the spirit
Or the energy.

Sunnyside its sandstone wealth
Since 1894
It has stood the test of time
With knowledge at its core
650 saplings
Venture forth and learn
A massive grove of thoughtfulness
Of primary concern

With values all significant
And a willingness to be
Respectful the inclusion
An integrity
Resilience thats undoubtedly
A need for effort too
And all of this with Fun
For what was done to all of you

The wisdom thats imparted
How everything around
Adds up to the essential
With our roots now in the ground
Our leafage and our greenery
The oxygen we share
With godly mollycoddling
We matter and we care

Its really undeniable
How conservation stands
How light and dark
And colour means
So much in our hands
How we can work together
And study singularly
The wonderment of Nature
And perceptivity

Around you the impressive
Hogganfield Park Reserve
Cardowan Moss
a tutoring
On why the winds may toss
Us saplings, just to test us
Whether Heather whether Pine
Defenders of environments
All ready tow the line
And with Nature and true
We strive for constancy
To give back and to generate
An actuality

Our teachers bring ideality
And substance to the fore
We must observe and appreciate
The riches for the more
We realise the goodness
The phenomenal we see
And manifest our friendship
And true sincerity

Look to the organic paths
To the fertile creativity
Our minds eye and the freedom
Enjoy the bold tranquillity
Project and dream and escape
To where
The illusory ideal
Can become reality
In the manner of how we feel.

Sunnyside Pri is a place
Its purpose is to be
Enduring and impressive
Its Our special sanctuary
A resourcefulness as fanciful
As seeds bound up inside
Gods earth that we grow up in
In our branches life does hide

Where we contemplate each certainty
And our forest where we grow
Giving back the oxygen
And deep down to will show
A fungal web extraordinary
A sharing caring hold
Of all that comes together
From tHe wisdom of the old

Your deeds of conservation
Defenders of the deep
As saplings we are ready
To study and to leap
Out into the universe
As Protectors of the land
Where consciousness and enlightenment
Together we understand
Every soul at every level
Believing they can be
Exploring and adoring
Our moral certainty

Consideration for all things
Honour our parents who
Gave us all a platform
And our teachers too
We now all are capable
Leaders in the light
Privileged to be part of
Each courteous insight
Admiring every single
from the Ant to the Blue Whale
We All possess a uniqueness
So please join us on the trail

With a guiltlessness personified
With a certain state of grace
An incorruptibility
Each part of our own race
Unspotted and immaculate
In every single way
Receiving our acceptance
Every single day.

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