Sunday night in Bristol City

Bristol took a step towards
The anti protest they
Used some music lots of banners
And spirit so they say
The appeal aloud in full view
We must kill the bill
Seemingly with varied chants
despite the Lockdown still
Emotion and enthusiam fermented with a rage
Ebullient so many seething of an age
The Govt establishing the cabals rotten rules
And the cops judged to be hopeless
Just a bunch of fools
Stay at home forever
Never ever leave
Freedom is historic
Not something to achieve
Not really in this lifetime
A way more exacerbation
to a deepening degree
Despite the National Lockdown
And KILL BILL all we see

Police vans they are just everywhere
Flashing lights of course
The sky already proves its dark
Thank you to the force
Some of them on horseback
Young kids and the law
Cops pushing them over
Like I have never seen before
This is not policing
This is yobs we see
Batons at the ready
All in blue they be
Out come all the blue hats
Victims everywhere
Bristol is the Police State
And some real despair

Bottles flying cops denying
Bristol yes tonight
They really don’t have an idea
For them its pure delight
Its really a dictatorship
Expecting people to
Knuckle down and be shat upon
Look at the cowards in blue
A lonely tree stands wondering
Wnat’s to become of me
A litter bin is burning
The sapling it can see
And all these bloody sirens
Nothing here is discreet
The virus clearly has nodded off
Just smoke from the elite

News gone Bananas

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