Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors
And let some truths out
Concerning the oceans
And what they are about
How 80 per cent of all life
Still be
In the confines
Of the great panoply

An array of such wonder
Where secrets galore
Where Cousteau once
Brought us so much to explore
The beautiful kingdoms
Of coral and sand
Of vast inspirational
Undersea land

So many creatures
Emboldened to be
In the vast depths
Of the oceans and sea
A godly creation
As ancient as time
Where man’s eyes had not glimpsed
The great and sublime

Sensational wild life
A realness beyond
A bedrock of miracles
An immortal bond
Of so much significance
All attested it be
A world of such beauty
All under the sea

So many forms
So much to see
An incredible world
Life was connected
Inspired by each other
A wondrous conviction
All From the great Mother

Enter us humans
Said now to be
Superior somehow
Our inherency
Mindful perhaps
The embodiment we
Can plunder and enrich
Ourselves from the sea

A world of difference
So many extremes
Headwinds and currents
And contrasting streams
A diverseness of spirit
Yet pure harmony
Nature as balanced
As Nature can be
The minuscule through
To the giants we see

An innocence here
in so many ways
A vastness of course
Its eminence plays
A great abundance
And productiveness
Food seems so plentiful
Something to stress

About so called man kind
Who in so many ways
Has a curious mind
A bone of contention
A fusion of cells
Where arrogance rises
And ignorance spells

Out and manifests
Their lack of discipline
So elementary
Greed and corruption
The cabal and their power
Ready to disperse
And destroy by the hour

They will not conform
To the worldly desire
They will not adapt
Their spirit higher
Criminals actually
Waiting to steal
As much of the wildness
For their next meal

A vast expanse
Of great depths beyond
Where man can imagine
Where no magic wand
Could ever conjure
Could ever create
Food of the gods
At a purposeful rate

The great whales
Once hounded in so many ways
Blown out of existence
For oil and the days
Have gone since the whalers
Took harpoons and spilled
Huge gallons of blood
From the souls they had killed

Japan, Iceland, Norway the Faroe’s
Though still
Abuse all of life
And continue to kill
The Faroe’s use grinds
And hunt Pilot Whales
A desperate encounter
Where humanity fails
Looks back into ancient times
And deny they
Still need to chase
Whole pods to decay

The blood in the water
The carnage of sorts
The evil is everywhere
In all their thoughts
Complete family trees
Expire in a way
Where all living age groups
Are killed on the day

Babies and children
And parents they all
Are a rare breed
In that they never fall
For the wickedness
The evil the disloyalty
The do not succumb
They stand fast honestly

And so they expire in
A savage display
Gulping the blood of each other
A way
of carnage
And frailty
the overpowering
The energised murdering scumbags
Now towering
Over the pitiful
Caring wild souls
Who relinquish their lives
To their Viking arse oles

These creatures live
In great seas of excess
Of plastics and oils and
Carpets of stress
In consuming their food
They also devour
Mercury PCB’s C8
And the power
Of those toxic substances
Threaten us all
The fire retardants
So many fall
Down on us from the skies
Chemtrails and more
Reality proves the angels
The war

Is on against wildness
And all humankind
The ocean’s are dustbins
Great vast pits we find
So many victims caught up
In our waste
Be it turtles ensnared
And the rest so disgraced

The dolphins and Porpoises
A special breed
Playful and friendly
Whose wish to succeed
In social groups
Advanced souls they be
Far more intelligent
Than the men of Taiji

An infamous port
Where Whaling once was
A very big earner
And that was because
Many were sleeping
Across the seas
And they did their murdering
Yes if you please

Unbelievably cruel
To such significant beasts
Godly in character
But also feasts
For the ugly and wicked
The evil of clan
Who blew them from inside out
Until a ban
And a moratorium decided their fate
But Japan reneged
And is whaling to date

Both Iceland And Norway
Have also carried on
Taking the Minke
Some what of a con
And exporting the majority
Across the sea
To Japan and not all of the

Actually knows this
Spreading the lies
Japan is an ogre
Of considerable size
Murdering dolphins and porpoise as well
And masses of Tuna
And others from hell

They are clearing the oceans
Murdering scum
In the name of Science
More lies, bang the drum
Their freezers are stocked
With blubber and tails
And really they ought to be
Locked up in jails

They are killing sharks too
As are others they
Just want the fins
Sharks fins soup
Its a way
Of saving one’s face
In the family we hear
As the ethic and ungodliness
They don’t get near

Then for shark oil
For the Natural food trade
To keep sickly humans
So they do not fade
The blood on their hands
And the stench in their soul
Mindless and hopeless
Expecting their goal

By adding to the carnage
And the cruelty
And the godly balance
Under the sea
When the apex predators
Are murdered and left
Without fins just floating
The world is bereft

Of its futurity
Hereafter and so
Damnation is coming
Brought on by the flow
Of insensitive humans
Who partake of soup
Made mainly of chicken
And chemical gloop

Fish mongers everywhere
Reckon themselves
Buying in fishes
To display on their shelves
Specialist restaurants
Globally they
Are buying up fish
The greatest array

Great stinking trawlers
Seine nets and more
Long lines of many hooks
Its an all out war
Commercial shipping
Pirates and all
Slave ships and
Whose ethics only a fool
Can believe they have any
The ocean is being
Destroyed everyday
And all of gods creatures
Are having to pay

As for the rules and regulation
On sizes and by catch
The great operation
Of catching the limit
And who gives a fkuc
These boats on the ocean
Are running amok

Its criminality
And lies all around
For the so called EU
To China who hound
Much now of Africa
Stealing the fish
Destroying the ocean
Dish after dish

And fishing for anything
That they can catch
Seabirds, and whales and sharks
And dolphins each batch
Of animals sought out
See bycatch and know
We are killing our future
All that is below

Then ignorance sets in
And plastics are
Netting and surplus gear
Jettisoned far
Huge plastic tangles
Adrift in the sea
Trapping the many
With such frequency

We go on about straws
Just.o.o3 per cent
When obsolete fishing gear
All of it sent
Into the ocean
Amounting to
At least fifty percent
Of the plastic
On view

For thousand of years
It will entrap and be
There its so evil
A great travesty
And fishing boats do it
They don’t give a sod
The evidence out there
Two fingers to god

And most of the governments
When questioned they
All close their eyes
At the end of the day
For they all get a kick back
Back handers yes please
So Its left to SEA SHEPHERD
To police the seas

Then the so called ethical
Regions we hear
“Dolphin friendly;” and line caught
And others its clear
MSC and the others
All rubbish we hear
Scratching each others backs
So thats now clear

By catch and its victims
Around the French coast
10000 Dolphins
No one would boast
At the dark extent
Of the slaughter we hear
Much more than Taiji even
Ramp up the fear

Its back to the fishing
The discarded gear
So many souls dying
From the french coast to here,and
To there far away
Where few eyes will see
The carnage that all ends up
Dead in the sea.

With the sharks and the whales
Being slaughtered like Hell
Their precious movement
Something they did well
The physical state
Of the life in the sea
Compromised badly
A pointer thats key

To the future its surely
Important to try
And maintain the balance
The lows and the high
Warming even by a small degree
Is causing great stress
That we should really be

Getting under control
Understanding it all
It comes back to balance
Besides theres a wall
Of thought based on profit
On dumping or more
Vile criminality
And a real war

At this rate if fishing
By 2048
All the fish in the oceans
Will be gone thats the date
Dead oceans filled with the plastic
We’ve thrown
All these Covid masks
Millions have blown
Into the oceans apparently
From the sick inconsiderate
Humans who be

Lying snd stealing and tossing their waste
Scoffing plates of fish
And where they are based
Buying from fish farms
The arrogance there
Cramming the multitudes
Without the care
Lice bigger than usual
Eat them alive
Buying the fillets the pie flesh
And why
So many whole fish
Are now ulcerated
And not fit for purpose
And ought be cremated

Commercial fishing
Factory style
Have to be banned
Now not in a while
All of these slave ships
In Thai Waters they
Where criminality
Now gets away

With heinous crimes
Slaves thrown overboard
Corpses in freezers
Thats the reward
For working on slave ships
To keep the costs down
So that respective buyers
Can earn half a crown

The Somali pirates
Were once fishermen
Fishing their coastal waters
But as we know when
The Chinese and others
Brought their vast ships into
The places where they fished
And stole their fish too
Rather than starve
At the end of the day
They became pirates
And beggars they say

Mangroves destroyed
Around the world
To do the shrimp farming
And Prawns where whats hurled
In there is a vast range of chemicals
Buying them cheaply, I don’t understand
Probably sold off in curry shops where
Take away food is dispensed
So we share
the loss of the mangroves
And masses of shit
Chemicals killings and many unfit.

These salmon farms
In Scotland and elsewhere
Are fed on such muck
We should be more aware
Even organics use PESTICIDE
The bulk of them using a colour strand
The flesh is grey at the end of the day
So its coloured a number of hue’s
The farms they can choose
What will be better news
Consumers are duped
Whats to lose

Remember the BP gulf oil leak
The world it stood still left
Destructive fishing and by catch
Is killing more creatures
if man Doesn’t stop
And we carry all on
Eating the fish of the sea
The carnage we all will then pay for
The end will be high honestly.

A truck load of refuse
Is dumped every minute
Somewhere in somebody’s sea
All of that filth all of that plastic
The radio activity
Run offs and mercury rising
C8 from pans everywhere
PCB’s organophosphates
And Guaranteed long term despair

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