It all began with a walk in the park

It all began with a walk in the park
Picnic spots really, a gentle mark
Of respect in fact until the thought police
Came with their threatening
Words and the peace
Erupted slowly took on a threat
And by the evening
It clearly was set
To explode the police station
Was set upon
Cars were burning
All The goodly was gone
Bristol City and Bridewell road
Really is party
to what is this ode
Kettled and beaten
by the police
Wanting the people’s
protest to cease
The police they were heavy
They asked for trouble
It did not have to be
But really they tackled it
Badly I’d say
Beating on women
And forcing the play

Windows were broken
Bottles were thrown
Graffiti was obvious
It was full blown
We saw running fights
Toe to toe all could see
Protest is threatened
Thats how it must be
Heavy Behaviour
The police were not friends
Six on top of you
We know where that ends
Whoever has trained them
Robotic are they
Cretinous agents
Who badly display

A great deal of violence
Batons and all
Beating the women
Men up against the wall
Kneed in the stomach
The camera wont lie
The police are an outfit
And this really is why
Protesting walkers
Were jumped on and made,
To let the cops kick them
Seriously laid
Into protestors
Ladies as well
The old and the young
Fell under their spell

So it escalated
Sirens and pain
The anger was growing
As was the disdain
Sinking hearts
The oppression
was just everywhere
Grossness and coarseness
All were unaware
Lockdowns and hopelessness
Defeatists play
With a wringing of hands
A desolate way
Out of this furore
Into the light
With fear mongers hatred
And a lot of might

Its now been reported
That protestors were
Angry they became angry
What did occur
The police were not angels
They were like thugs
Their vile imprudence
Clearly it bugs
Everyone being
Beaten and coshed
The police unconcern
Their abhorrence was washed
Aside lame stream media
Telling their lies
And the government spokes people
Also unwise

The slurs and the
On both sides we saw
Out there on the streets
It became a war
Bridewell Police Station
Got smashed about
The anger toward the Police
There was no doubt
They have no humility
What a disgrace
Beating on women
Right in their face
Pulling down people
And giving them hell
They are not criminals
It was a spell
Of unfair disorder
And robotic sods
Who make up the rules
Believing their gods

Throwing fuel on the fire
Is not a good idea
After lockdowns and distancing
And ramped up fear
The police on the rampage
Fining the old
For tea in the garden
In all this its rolled
The robotic rubbish
They are untrained
Silver haired big guts
Many coarse grained
Its no celebration
The downing street mob
Putting out edicts
Inflaming the mob
The Mp’s some angry
Everyone sees
Our life going sideways
And the big disease

CoVID is killing
The biggest excuse
The cabal and the puppets
Its been a huge ruse
Everyones angry
And every ones sad
And everyone’s had it
We’ve been driven mad

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