I watched it three times the dark waters I mean

Despite the dark waters
Of Parkersburg, we
Despite all that sadness
The deaths that we see
C8 is so evil
And Dear Rob Bilott
Industrial Processes
Yes so Many we’ve got

More every moment
Dead in the ground
Scampering maggots
Quietly abound
Tumours galore
A lack of care
for the world family

We are all being poisoned
Unconscious we be
Down from the sky
So many remain
Unemotional, they
Cry by themselves
At the end of each day

Aloof and distant
Masked up and sick
Dispassionate people
Slowly they pick their way
Through the alleys
Controlled every hour
Each poker faced
Devoid of all power

Harangued grudgingly
Eternal damnation
To be an offshoot
We have lost the relation
Instant dismay
The cabal heaves its arse
Down on those who still pray

Even the church doors
Have all been closed shut
We must stay locked up
Feeding our gut
On industrial processes
Chlorine and more
Glyphosate nanotech
Its the new War

Morgellons is out there
Shingles no more
The ruptured are swollen
Deep in their core
Biting and stinging
Lost in the world
All vaccinated
And of course hurled

Into the great pot
Of yet more control
Passports and licences
Losing one’s soul
To the cabal’s insistence
Their rabid desire
Of youth without thought
Consumed in their fire

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