Hyde Park

Walking quietly in the park
How innocent is that
After all these lockdowns
We all know where we are at
The fear promoted everywhere
Is cuttingly unfair
And the police should go catch criminals
Not raise the anti there
5 or 6 accosting women
Frightening them away
Go home!what is wrong with them
They all get too much pay
Its self- glorification
Their Oath they have no clue
Beating up on walkers
That is what they do

Getting paid for harassing
The public going about
Their exercise! dog walking
Really there is no doubt
Just getting in some fresh air
Cooped up for weeks on end
And up they come the robots
Who haven’t got a friend

Arrogance and haughtiness
Defiance that is they
Being rude and evil
It seems it is their way
Manhandling, so servile
They have no self respect
Hostile in a moment
These officers unchecked
Unfriendly dissaffected
Stand offish and just downright rude
Their nastiness is stated
Its the way we speak to people
Threatening them all the time
Smouldering resentment
Daggers out they climb

All over us no calming words
Just snarling snapping, they
Whats your name and date of birth
Of course thats not the way
These people walking in the park
Accosted as they are
Go and catch some criminals
Who do you think you are

It gets peoples backs up
You see it everyday
They create this indignation
What else can one say
Grim faced ugly people
Masked up all like outlaws
Spiteful their intentions
Really just because

For them it just a way to get folks angry
That is all
And they achieve it in every case
With our backs against the wall
They threaten and they menace
They challenge with their speak
They need to train servility
Relentessly they seek

Some accomodation
Birth dates and a name
Just for coming to the park
Their BS does inflame
And when folk do get angry
What yes do they do
Jump on people pull them to the floor
Just no clue
To come up to people
Its not a rugby game
Intolerant to fearful folk
That is how they claim
A complete lack of pity
Compassion passed them by
You are going to get a fine
Their pound of flesh thats why

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