Flame Shells (Limaria Hians)

Arran boasts
The wondrous by-valve molluscs
Embellished with the colours
Of a dream
A wonderland
A kaleidoscope of beings
Of architectural splendour
That would seem

Garlands and bouquets
Of darting fishes
An enrichment of the sea bed
Such a view
A haven of contentment
A reef of shells and stones
A living veneer
One of the few

As designers they prepare
And by arrangement
Geometric patterns everywhere
Stars, their curling whirling
Ribbons fronds and tentacles
An amazing sight before one’s eyes
Which so many now will share

The size of thirty tennis courts
Imagine that will thee
In moderate currents from the low tide mark
Byssus threads now be
A living collage voguish a mat of life within
Nets of just so many lasting friendships
Where all win

Vulnerable to the dreaded dredgers
The awful trawl their vilest grabs
Clearly Nature lost sight of man
And his ugly evil metallic crabs
So many active these days they
Leave their gear and sail away

A scenic beauty such perfection
A bonny startling reef of light
Prismatic features lift the Mood
The prettiest of sight
A work of art in situ
Pearl shells beauteous too
aesthetic and just possibly
A colour matching hue

Reassuring anyone
Who claps their eyes on this
A reef of so much living wealth
Where rainbow prisms kiss
The light such optimism
A promise from above
For one just so discerning
They are designed with love.

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