An angel was lost
To our world recently
His mother disposed of her soul
As she Poured petrol all over me
In a vile fit of rage
And such flagrancy

I was alight
And I was the fuel
The pain was unbearable
She was so cruel
I Had witnessed her indelicate
Shamelessness, she
Had been with her lover
They Both aimlessly

Whilst my step dad worked
And I told him the tale
She erupted
her anger
Her whoring
did pale
Into a significance
It brought and end
To the life that was mine
That I failed to defend

I cannot explain
The torrents of grief
I was lit up inside
It was beyond all belief
The taste of that petrol
The violence she used
She was so rough with me
Being abused

The error of law
I remember I fell
The flames were put out
It seems I found Hell
Everywhere burning
My breath sped away
I remember the ambulance
I couldn’t say

Anything everywhere
Wounded and hot
For a mother to do this
She defiled me a lot
Two further days
In a hospital bed
Praying aloud
That I may be dead

Her sexuality
Her rotten core
Her dark intent
As I rolled to the floor
An angel
Whose wings were irreparably
Burned to a cinder
By an obdurate bitch
A conscienceless harlot
It all felt so rich

Coming from her
My mother who gave
Life to me sending
Me into a grave
“Lets see how you burn”
Were her words
This creature before
Me in the flames
As great birds

Came to my aid
And took me away
Far into the clouds
To a warm Summers Day
To convalesce
Where atonement would be
Where great clouds of joy
And a sparkling sea

Of cherubs descended
And took me to stay
In a Heaven thank Goodness
My judgement day
As for my mother
20 years she
Could sit in a cell
And not think of me
She had no need
A harlot of sorts
From this day
She will never appear
In my thoughts.

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