And little lambs eat ivy

A farmers owned killing house
Its In North Wales
Where lambs and sheep
Walk the deadliest trails
Into the Dead flesh Trade
Of the living soul
Unprepared truly to take on their role
From being fresh born lively little souls
To Bedwell Road
For our different roles
After the journey
Some passed on
From sheer exhaustion
Yes They had gone

Its true we are babies
What would we know
With instinctive memories
Yes something to show
We do have some feelings
And Easter’s charm
And the great storm thats follows
Our few hours of calm

All Forced to travel
In one huge great truck
The many miles
All of that it does suck
Its hot and its smelly and its crowded too
And We so miss our mothers
Now wouldn’t you?

Full on comes the shivering
Full on the strain
All this Inattention
Then comes the pain
Uncaring and feckless
The farmers who
Were sloppy and slipshod
That much was true

And the truck it moves off
And we are thrown about
Our Weak little legs
Why is there doubt
You couldnt care less
You Consumers its true
We little souls
Though did care about you

Unheeded and unwanted
No mother to care
All crushed together
Going to where
It says on the ticket
To Bedwell Road
Where ever that is
And we are the load

Some of us, were so weak
We Died on the way
Our souls went to heaven
Is that what they say
The shock and the awe
Abandoned like this
A few days in the sun
Was our token of bliss

A hell of a smell
Death reaches our nostrils
We don’t feel that well
Uncared for unnoticed
Is it speculation
Our birth and our life
Was just to feed the Nation

They are very rough with us
The uncertainty
Of whats going to happen
The obscurity
We have gut reactions
The smells and the cries
Our intuitiveness
In our bones, for these guys

Are rotten and rough with us
Parochial they
Shout and they swear
That We must obey
Their ugly persuasion
We are living souls
Not just commodities
But With Eternal roles

Their blistering ignorance
It just comes through
The unenlightened
From the Dark Ages too
Junk food and red meat
And chemical beer
If this is the future
No wonder our fear

Is reaching boiling point
We understand
This is a slaughterhouse
Everything’s planned
We are getting the chop
The conveyor to HELL
And we watch each other
A frightening spell

These bastards they ought
To change places and see
What its like to be witness
To insanity
To the death of a friend
Of a brother perhaps
Some fall through the side
Through one of the flaps
And just hang there
Grabbed by a bloke
With vile greasy hair
Someone you’d want to choke

If you were much stronger
And able you would
But a tiny baby
It just isn’t good
How God made this miracle
That became you
To be tortured and murdered
Which is what they do

A pure heart
A pure liver
Within us so much
A thinking brain
We are all in touch
With are a reality
Thoughtful we are
In our little world
Each of us is a star

We think and we feel
What we see makes us sad
We cry tears we do
Inside here its so bad
They are spiteful
Unversed untutored untrained
If we had our way
They would be chained
To a wall and be left
As their families were shown
Pictures of us
And how we are thrown
And made to go to our slaughter
Made to watch our friends die
Knowing its our turn
Heads rolling to lie
Near us dead eyes
Looking up to the sky
We will be next
Our heads will lie
Can you imagine
Just how this feels
One after another
What it reveals

A karmic debt
For the philistine hordes
As they chomp on our flesh
A gain their rewards
That Will grow in their bodies
Its no fallacy
The error was glooming
And inside it be

Consuming babies
Who in Heaven were made
By the same God as you
As your memories fade
Obtuseness and oafishness
Will be your way
A fatuous pointlessness
On Easter Day

With your slave traded chocolate eggs
And kidnapped calves milk
Your murderous venture
In the same ilk
Eggs from the egg trade
That crushed babies too
If they were male they were juiced
Its all true

Have a Happy Easter
Your intestines too
As you kill off your bacteria
Thats what you do
Heaven was watching
The same god who made
All of the life forms
That you went and paid

The Meat Trade
The Egg Trade
The Slave Traders who
Kidnap village children
In Africa, you
Condone all their evil
By buying cacao
At ridiculous prices
Which the price is NOW

Yes Happy Easter
You flesh eating creeps
Blood lusting
Gut busting
What you sow

REAPS Whirlwind
So wake up and smell the roses.

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