A Queen of Queens

In death the Queens of Queens
Lies in a sensitive repose
Bloodied in remembrance
Adored I do suppose
A tenderness about her
A willingness to be
All she had ever dreamed of
Till the shots rang out and she
Fell into that chasm
An instant took away
The jungle and her life on earth
She was made to pay
A hunter and a safari team
Were out to make their day
To profit from her majesty
An unwarranted display
Of presumption and of arrogance
A selfish and ugly knight
Unfitting and inappropriate
Who took away her light
Unmindful of her favours
Of her pitiful demise
For them it was all ego
And They took the First prize.

That power over another
With Pangs of jealousy
They Indulged themselves in killing
Both judge and YES jury
To reach into her heaven
Her earthly paradise
And demonise her spirit
And what is never nice
Of crouching down behind her
Her future then no more
And That you alone had decided
That she had lost the war
We cannot see your ugly face
Of Your tatts we are aware
Lurking in the shadows
She not knowing you were there
You had the means to murder her
The ambush of your year
She unknowingly wore your target
That much now is clear
Your finger on the trigger
A giant of a man
You killed the Queen
It remains obscene
But not how it will all pan
Out her goddess now awaits
And At a certain time
The rain that fell
It demonstrates
Your ongoing climb
You made a fatal error
to scavenge her dear soul
Fatal errors
Accumulate in Heaven
An own goal
An overdraft accruing
In the Bank of Karma high
And it will come to haunt you
From the vastness of the Sky

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