A holiday of your dreams as advertised

A dream of a holiday
So they describe
And all in package
Come meet our tribe
So much to see
So much to do
Five days of hunting
With one of our crew

8490 euros and you
Can murder a male Lion
It will be stimulating
Gripping and grand
The King of Beasts
Downed by your hand
A provocative kill
To quicken the pulse
Its one hell of a thrill

That is the package
A website to see
With all sorts of animals
Ready to be
Shot to death
All you need to is select
Which of the animals
You might expect

All matter of fact
So easy to do
The head of a LION
A bold soul it is true
Filled your unconcern
Your lethargy
File it away
Where the world cannot see
A beautiful Lion
With a stroke of a pen
Is yours to be murdered
You just say when

To just remain calm
After reading this page
To imagine the suffering
A mini rage
I pay my money
And an animal dies
A godly miracle
Before my eyes

Writhing and aching
And its down to me
It is my dream
In the brochure I see
The mortification
A great slamming sound
As the greatest of kings
Hits the dry dusty ground

Despite what I read
And the words that I see
To suggest its a dream
To kill Lions
Feels to me
A bitter pill
A depressing time
His grief and resentment
There is no rhyme
Or reason for deciding
A soul has to die
Why on earth would I decide to fly
Off to South Africa
Family and all
And bag me the King
All done with one call

The ease and commitment
The frightful the shocking
The disfigured carcass
My old knees knocking
So crass and so gross
So much vulgarity
An Apex predator
Fallen for me

The height of risibility
And despondency
Pay over the euros
And know instantly
The cogs will be rolling
A marker will be
Affixed to its head
For the others to see

It comes with a tracker
And all the mod cons
A comfortable bed
And clothes that one dons
Everything laid on
To meet your desire
A great state of wonderment
Can you just feel the fire

With a bow and arrow
A hand gun perhaps
A rifle the drama
Its all under wraps
An admirable session
A wonderful shoot
A lion dead and dying
And no dispute

For me it is arrogance
And tyranny
Audacious behaviour
I cannot agree
Any such package
Is neither evil nor sad
Its tragic and wrong
And just makes me mad

To think there are people
Who do have the right
To shoot and kill animals
Who I’m sure bite
But who live in their prides
And as long as we be
Thoughtful and sensible
We dont have to see

Such a fine beast
At the end of the day
We can wander at will
Let civility play
A bigger role
In this stage of my life
By sparing the soul
And preventing the knife

Hunting for me
It laid on seemingly
Is somewhat gross
I just couldn’t be
Describing a package
As how I would see
A magnificent Lion
Mane and all in front of me

Dead to the world
Put an end to its life
Its dignity
Shot away at the moment
The trigger was pulled
And the bullets flew straight
Wounding the great beast
I had made the date

What an anathema I had become
How very offensive
It so left me numb
Recalling the moments
That I felt its pain
And How I would feel it
Again and again

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