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Real courage in my book

Cast your minds back A lone warrior stood He was not a soldier Just someone as good Facing a machine A red army tank Fanaticism And a face that was blank And he on the square As tenacious as hell … Continue reading

Flame Shells (Limaria Hians)

Arran boasts The wondrous by-valve molluscs Embellished with the colours Of a dream A wonderland A kaleidoscope of beings Of architectural splendour That would seem Garlands and bouquets Of darting fishes An enrichment of the sea bed Such a view … Continue reading


The medics via pure arrogance Suggest that the above Is really not a disease at all That it came from the sky above They deny that there are chem trails And depopulation too They say we are delusional About Parasitosis … Continue reading

Live animals exported abroad to Florin Citu

Meat Processing in Romania Is poor that much we know Trading with expedience Maintaining a good flow Has seen, the adoption Of live exports but we see Too many ships and too many animals Abused and awfully Sir I beg … Continue reading

A Queen of Queens

In death the Queens of Queens Lies in a sensitive repose Bloodied in remembrance Adored I do suppose A tenderness about her A willingness to be All she had ever dreamed of Till the shots rang out and she Fell … Continue reading

And little lambs eat ivy

A farmers owned killing house Its In North Wales Where lambs and sheep Walk the deadliest trails Into the Dead flesh Trade Of the living soul Unprepared truly to take on their role From being fresh born lively little souls … Continue reading

Sunnyside Pri

We take so much for granted And children as we grow Lets liken ourselves to saplings Who in a forest show The richness of the fabric Some may never see Never feel the spirit Or the energy. Sunnyside its sandstone … Continue reading

Dear Lisa

Beside yourself with worry And sadness Dear Soul you Trusted someone at the door So what did you do Sat him down and helped him And how did he repay Your good heart Well he stole from you And upped … Continue reading

A holiday of your dreams as advertised

A dream of a holiday So they describe And all in package Come meet our tribe So much to see So much to do Five days of hunting With one of our crew 8490 euros and you Can murder a … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading


An angel was lost To our world recently His mother disposed of her soul As she Poured petrol all over me In a vile fit of rage And such flagrancy I was alight And I was the fuel The pain … Continue reading

Pigeons and water

The pigeons are mindful Never aloof They sit on my guttering Under my roof Pecking out moss And letting it fall On the windows below Yes a wake up call When The gutters are full up The rain that was … Continue reading

As blood cancers rise

I don’t need your luck Helps what I need My cows are dying And its not from the feed C8 is out there All thanks to you Dumping your shit And you know that its true Its permanence guarantees Really … Continue reading

Don’t trust a word they say

Black teeth And gall bladders Larger than hearts Industrial ill winds Whose making tarts Jam its just everywhere Tumours as well I billion profit The coffers they swell Grey suits elated Puffing cigars Rolex and blood diamonds More crowded bars. … Continue reading

I watched it three times the dark waters I mean

Despite the dark waters Of Parkersburg, we Despite all that sadness The deaths that we see C8 is so evil And Dear Rob Bilott Industrial Processes Yes so Many we’ve got More every moment Dead in the ground Scampering maggots … Continue reading

This day and age

DNR’s, the stasi and Hitler Might agree Watch a sickly patient dying And be told that she Must be left to perish Resuscitation No You are no samaritan Your a tory don’t you know Learning disabilities, people Who might not … Continue reading

Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science Knob heads employed Brainwashing people Who were once overjoyed But now are much closer To the woe and the dread Whilst others are going right off their head Needless to say The uneasiness sucks Scowling and frowning Nobody … Continue reading

Parliament Square and expensive cup of coffee

Parliament Square To exercise A coffee as we go Not one not two Not three not four Five coppers now on show The women is about fifty Completely on her own “Your Under arrest” They tell her Breaching Covid Cover … Continue reading

Wilbur Earl Tannent and Rob Bilott and the Dupont case

A farmer of consequence Once lived with raptures Content in his being Beholding to time Is cows were his buddies That fed from his hands All his emotion In his best laid plans His family were gently folk Hardworking caring … Continue reading


A phenomenon A circumstance Behold a forest scene In the Backwoods A setting Beautiful and green An old house Far from anywhere Miss Kelty And her daughters Peace and quiet And tranquillity The stepping stones To far away In visions … Continue reading

Hyde Park

Walking quietly in the park How innocent is that After all these lockdowns We all know where we are at The fear promoted everywhere Is cuttingly unfair And the police should go catch criminals Not raise the anti there 5 … Continue reading

It all began with a walk in the park

It all began with a walk in the park Picnic spots really, a gentle mark Of respect in fact until the thought police Came with their threatening Words and the peace Erupted slowly took on a threat And by the … Continue reading

Sunday night in Bristol City

Bristol took a step towards The anti protest they Used some music lots of banners And spirit so they say The appeal aloud in full view We must kill the bill Seemingly with varied chants despite the Lockdown still Emotion … Continue reading

Can you hear them roaring.?

London’s roaring Freedoms Freedom All these awful Lockdowns Are Bone and muscel Such a tussle Everyone a star Rings of cops Sirens blazing This is London Its a war This is for real For those who feel The anguish pain … Continue reading

The long march

Today saw London demonstrate Protest and march, for they Are clearly pissed off and angry At the egregious way The police when they decide to Its arbitrary and unfair Pouncing on the old the young And the unaware Six at … Continue reading

The Jinmenken

Twas an eerie darkness In old Japan Glazed eyes tired mind And I began To imagine things Magically they Looked back at us Like wearisome fae All Seemed surprised By us And one did say Leave us do We have … Continue reading

Song writing suggests

Winter’s white wedding A blessing of sorts The love of my son Very much in my thoughts A feeling so marvellous In peace we shall be Forever together Our eternity A strapping survival such serenity A cycle of beauty Of … Continue reading

De pop stop care of GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE

Geert Vanden Bossche Worked on ebola vaccine Knows it won’t wash The filth the injection Vaccine Mass experimentations Across the Nations Seriously it is obscene We have to, all stop this madness A big rise is coming He knows He … Continue reading


The voice of an angel Genuinely she Creates and relates inventively Sincere and pure Incomparable too Inspired by the greats A lass who rings true Has given so much Of her spirit away Taken on life Embracing each day Her … Continue reading

Yulin in Guangxi

Hatred you can feel it Cut it with a knife The aura of aversion And, ending of life Which the Chinese call A festival A Summer Solstice meal Lychees and dead dog flesh Thats what they reveal Thousands of stolen … Continue reading