Ranoo the Bear

Zoo’s are past their sell by date
Cruelty and pain
Miserly and ungenerous
They are into it for gain
Tight fisted and grudging
They don’t see how they gain
By spending loads of money
On cages when its plain

the poor bear is suffering
Which is their apparent plan
Ignorant and penny pinching
Since it all began
A Syrian bear in Karachi
Is not a good idea
Its far too hot
Its was far too young
So its clearly most unfair
Animals have feelings
And clearly suffer too
But the tragedy out of all this
Is the bear is in a zoo

Stuck there on the concrete
Where it is very hot
It hasnt got suffIcient water
Basically its got
A tiny cage its miserable
And, becoming distraught
What it needs is love for goodness sake
As such has sought
Help for it feels troubled
Harassed with its lot
The zoo says all is perfect
We know that it is rot

Pakistan is falling foul
Of the rules on cruelty
For clearly the bear is suffering
What is a calamity
It should be moved and quickly
But legally they say
The bear is fine she’s acclimatised
And is better by tHe day

But people who know how zoos work
Realise unless
They can get Ranoo away from there
There is no end to her stress.
Petition after petition
On social media too
The problem which is serious
Is ofcourse a zoo

Live animals become the stock
And profit needs to be
Made or they start cutting corners
Which is what some see
A syrian bear loves coldness
And Karachi’s weathers hot
A bear with a thick coat
Will find living there is not

Anything but hideous
And some folk understand
They are using time and trouble
Giving the case a hand
But the zoo is fighting back on this
Its not prepared they say
To move the poor bear into bigger premises
Right away

And so the bear laments
And is in a shocking state
Clearly its uncomfortable
And is getting worse of late
Hopefully the legal stuff
Is now underway
And the poor bear can get moved
To somewhere better
If more pay

And if not then its had it

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