Kangaroos news

We wake up this morning
And what makes us feel
Happier sadly is something so real
America banning the import
They say
Of kangaroo body parts
Why the delay?
Why were they ever
Murdering scum
Importing body parts
It leaves me numb
Such a tasteless ideology
Crass as can be
In my estimation
And obscenity
Uncultured and unrefined
What human being
Wants body parts
Is no one agreeing

I call them Bush Angels
Godly they be
They have been there
Good mannerly
Wild souls of great value
Murdered like this
Body parts shipped off
How was that bliss
The Yanks and whoever
Should hang their heads low
That its only today
They have stopped
And I know
The dear kangaroos
Will now understand
Their ancestors parts
Will not leave this land

Skin for the shoes
Dead flesh for their pets
Why are we so sick?
Our karmic debts
Are growing more rapidly
As we plunder the planet
And watch ourselves decay.

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