Its land owners who convince
The local government that they
Really need to get their
guns and blow the
Roo’s away
Murder them and kill them
And harvest them their gobs
are based on the illusion
That there are too many mobs

Mornington Peninsula
Where the rich believe
They don’t want vermin near them
And the ignorant achieve
A great deal in Victoria
The prejudice thats there
A selfish lot of people
Who ramp up the despair
So good at inflating numbers
To try to get their way
Of victimising Bush Angels
Who don’t have any say
a Cow eats 7 times more grass
Every single day
For 50000 years the roo’s
Had the right of way

And now its full on arrogance
An sophistry we see
Opening their great big gobs
And the DELWP
Thinks it has all the answers
The National Emblem souls
Harvesting is on the cards
More and more controls

Artful and deceptive
And of course hypocrisy
And duplicity
Lots of disinformation
The urban myth and more
Bashing the poor old Kangaroos
Who are really in a war

We must protect them
All of them
They paint a glorious sight
Handsome as the day is long
Watching them in flight
Is really is awe inspiring
They really rock my boat
They really bring their magic
And they keep us all afloat

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