Wolf killers

A lack of understanding
Of Nature and its balances
Dissension on the part
Of wicked soulless people who
Call themselves brave hunters
Non conformist rotters
Ignorant and arrogant
Who just do what slobs do
Its all about the ammo
The apparel and the rifles
All about the killing
Little RAmbo’s they
Kill just for the sake ot it
They are wild life criminals
Should be caught and banged up
And Throw the key away!

But No they all are family men
Wives and kids, big houses
Respected by the community
Thicko’s who agree
Wild life doesn’t stand a chance
The only wolf is a dead wolf
One who has a family too
And cubs but Hunters they
Are unacquainted and indifferent
With real lives uncultured and untutored
The beloved wolves are out there
In their packs
Working hard with Nature every one
The apex predation leaders of creation
Up against the human scum
Whose way
Is pumping lead at intervals in forests
Killing maiming injuring all day
They really are the criminals
Not family men and women
And truthfully they should be put away.

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