Wild birds massacre

Whats its got to do
with you
Your grey suits they
Are too tight imagine that
On any given day

Stuck there in your office
Dint you want to hear
The wild birds singing in the trees
What is it you fear

Them shitting on your
New car
Or worse on your head
Giving free reign to the shooters
Shooting dead
Our precious corvidae
The Canadian Geese
Thats what you said
Jays and even Magpies
You lot are a pain
Our little feathered miracles
Out there in the rain
Out there in all weathers
nd despite covid too
And now you are getting
Nut jobs to do dirty work for you

It makes me sick to realise
There are people like you
Noses in your computers
You hVe no idea its true
The countryside the parakeets
The carrion crows them all
Should be left to tweet around
Not be shot off some wall

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