The ungulates expected

Blame the BOVINE females
For the Methane they create
Vast clouds of it
And why is that
Farmers who berate
Us all in the Concentrated Animals Feeding
Oceans of waste
Its seldom faced
But its down to Corporations
To the selfish greedy profiteers
And so the blame we hear
Is levelled at the victims
Who exist in man made fear

In enmity and hostility
Brought on by grudge and gain
By intolerance and bitterness
The alienated chain
Of events, that lead the change
The embittered disaffected souls
In concentration camps of Hell
Forced to play out roles

In lockdown at the hands of
Labouring haughtiness and tyranny
Raped and seeing kidnap and death
The brazen infamy
Humbled by consumers
Deflated in every way
Their innocence is overlooked
Thats the consumers way

Torture them impregnate them
Discard their nobleness
Their awe inspiring nature
Their miracle no less
Its our heartless lack of pity
No gratefulness displayed
Profit without prophets
Its all about the trade
Ruthlessness and relentlessness
Appreciativeness there is none
Only our vile misanthropy
When their day is done.

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