The Faroes

Hard as nails
The Faroese
The Grindadrap
The Danish Navy
If you please!
Protects their vikings
Just Throwbacks who
Wipe out Pilot Whale Pods
And They do

The bloodbath
The whole family tree
Torn to shreds
The agony
They drive, they wade
Yes into
The sea
To murder
And As they do

Are they starving?
Do they need
To force the great wild
Whales to bleed
Chop off their heads
Cut through their spine
Its all done where the sun
Dont shine

Hard as nails
The Fareoese
Wind dried dead flesh
its so much ease
Butchers high on gluttony
And wallowing in guts
For free
The gentle rhythms
The oceanic
Until they panic
The Viking hordes
Their fleshing knives
Putting an end to the
Angels Lives

The Faroese are not starving
Their motor boats
Into the spray
They have salmon farms
So many there
On the basis they are Vikings
And still need to share
The oceans wealth
The cetacean soul
Yes the Faroese
have lost all control

Blood and guts
Where children play
All as hard as nail
Their way
Is going back to the edge of time
When as Viking hordes
They bathed in the slime
Into the sea with their Sharpened claws
To tear into the beasts
Vile wars
Bloody yes beyond belief
One after another they
Came to grief

Their tears erupting
Their hearts on fire
They made their lives
Worse than dire
Wild life savaged
Torn and slashed
Mother and fathers
Their bodies bashed

Headless babies
Blood and snot
Blubber bloodied flesh
Whose not
Sickened by the words i write
And all these angels
They do not fight

They try to save
Their families who
Receive the wrath
And die
They do

Just spoke with a man from Denmark who reminded me
Of the Fareoese and their rotten exploits
So I just had to write a poem in his honour

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