South Korean dog food soup restuarants

Apparently eating dogs
Has been going on for years
Many are riddled with diseases
Stolen pets the dears
Living in some peoples homes
But stolen anyway
And kept on farms
And murdered there
There is no law they say

Dogs are illegally traded
Though for the fall outside the law
But because its happened for many years
Its the blind eye they ignore
And to this day stolen animals
Are kept in a filthy state
Diseased and in utter cruelty
At an alarming rate

South Korea are advanced
Blaming their Indigenous trade
The fact that its accepted
Culturally and laid
Before the people tragically
The evil of it all
Dog meat soup restaurants exist
And in essence they appal

Many now in South Korea
Who do see dogs as pets
As friends and as companions
Despite this theres a market
For what is just awful and
The cruelty is unbelievable
And who can understand

The consciousness of acceptance
They are not savages anymore
Their carnivoral tactics
Many just ignore
The butchers really are low life
In a frenzied state
Getting away with murder
At an alarming rate

Animals observing animals
Tortured everyday
Watching friends slaughtered
In front of them dismay
Cleary etched on faces
In the throes of rage
Fearful and subjected
To objections hard to gauge

We know how intelligent
Canine souls can be
Their realisation
Really it is key
Their imagination
Its vivid and they must
Be livid in the heart of hearts
Really how unjust

It is for them to witness
The murdering their face
Tyrannically heavy handed
Splattered around the place
And knowing they are next in line
Imagine how that feels
You see they are actually pissing
In fear this infamy

But the butchers have no feelings
They really have no care
They have no rationality
Illogical they swear
There is no such thing as judgement
Warped and unaware
Asinine and senseless
Unbalanced in a way
They see the writhing maggots
And eat them everyday

In the Moran Market
A wet market of Hell
Simpletons in so many ways
All sorts of shit they sell
Many deranged and mental
Delusional as well
Many having unsound minds
Under the devils spell

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