Restitution is not being seen to be happening

Apparently dissension is causing
Restitution for damaged crops
Is Going by the board
Villagers are adamant
They need to put up fences
Electrocute the attackers
They just cannot afford
The losses of their crops
From wild boar and from leopards
And animals are dying
And their body parts taken
Either to muddy the waters
Or to sell as bushmeat
causing problems
To A worrying degree
And animals are dying

Nagpur News has made it clear
Purloiners are about
Pillaging and plundering
And thats without a doubt
The villagers are up in arms
About their precious crop
And the wild souls are now suffering
And it clearly has to stop

Habitat loss and living
Close to wildness
An argument thats raised
Now everywhere
Keeping electric fences on
After dark creates
Victims and more problems
So Aware

Of these the government
Needs to act and quickly
As villagers take things
In their own hands
Demanding restitution for their damages
And resorting to these killings
In new plans

Two leopards in a short time
Have now perished
A blue bull and a sloth bear
Has before
There is a lot of anger
And its growing
They must all sit down and talk
Or there will be more

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